John Prine is outstanding in his craft as a singer and songwriter. He writes songs that are easily understood by people. The subject of his songs is commonly experienced by everyone.

In 1971, John Prine released a song he wrote. “Angel from Montgomery” was one of the singles from his self-titled studio album. He wrote the song when his friend told him to write another song that represents old people as the subject. He rather wanted to write a song about a middle-aged woman. Thus, he came up with the song “Angel From Montgomery.”

The Meaning of the Song

“Angel From Montgomery” is a song about a middle-aged woman who became tired of her life. She wanted to run away from where she is and go somewhere. She was hoping that someone or something, like an angel, will come and rescue her. Prine’s song draws a picture of an unhappy woman living a life that makes her feel miserable.

“Angel From Montgomery” and The Album

The song was not released as a single but was part of his self-titled album. The album reached number 154 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Moreover, this was Prine’s first album. Despite not being able to enter the chart, “Angel From Montgomery” became one of Rolling Stone’s Greatest Country Music of All Time.

Cover Versions

In 1972, artists such as Carly Simon and Bonnie Koloc recorded their version of John Prine’s song. Aside from Simon and Koloc, other artists such as John Denver, Tanya Tucker, Maren Morris, Bonnie Raitt, and many more recorded their version of the song.

Raitt made Prine’s song widely known. She recorded the song in 1974 and made it part of her album Streetlights. Raitt is a singer and songwriter who is known for her hit songs “Something to Talk About,” “I Can’t Make You Love Me,” and “Love Sneakin’ Up On You.”

If you feel like you wanted someone to come along and save you from your life, then you can relate to John Prine’s “Angel From Montgomery.”