Who is Milt Bradford Yellowstone Tribute Explained


Arden Lambert


December 14, 2022


December 14, 2022


December 14, 2022

During Yellowstone’s Season Four premiere, the famed series paid tribute to a man named Milt Bradford alongside Allan Robert Murray. The title card left fans wondering who he is and what happened to him. So, we took it upon ourselves to explain the reason behind the Yellowstone tribute for Milt Bradford. 

Did He Do Something for the Show?

Although Bradford didn’t star in the show, he played an essential part in its production. He was also a close friend of Taylor Sheridan, Yellowstone‘s creator, and helped him with plenty of things during the development stages of the series. 

For instance, Bradford’s extensive ranching experience helped Sheridan provide more realism to the show’s iconic Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. Bradford’s work behind the scenes helped ensure that the workings of the ranch had a sense of authenticity. 

The Life and Career of Milt Bradford

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Milt Bradford was born in Lufkin, Texas, USA, on April 22, 1950. As a teenager, he discovered his love for horses and cattle. He then transformed the passion he developed into a career. 

Bradford began his own horse auction company after working for years in the horse auction and breeding industry under Raymon Havard. In 1990, Bradford partnered with Oxbow Ranch to create successful auctions in Fort Worth, Texas, and throughout the country. 

Bradford then sold the Western Bloodstock Company in 2013, intending to retire from the horse sale business. Surprisingly, retirement wasn’t for him as Bradford soon began venturing into real estate. He partnered with Dan Bell and continued working in the real estate industry until he passed away. 

As mentioned earlier, Bradford also worked with Taylor Sheridan with the creation of his popular series. This partnership resulted in the Yellowstone tribute for Milt Bradford, which sparked fans’ interest in the man and his life. 

Bradford was also passionate about horse cutting. He and his wife owned plenty of cutting horses throughout their marriage. One good example is their horse, “Our Little Dyno,” which won the Millionheir Derby Open. Bradford even won over $1.2 million through earnings from horse-cutting competitions. 

Milton sadly died in Weatherford, Texas, on May 1, 2021. After his battle with cancer, Bradford passed away surrounded by his loved ones at home. 

Due to his passion for horses, it’s easy to see why Bradford had such a significant impact on the horse industry. Of course, he carried that passion when he worked with Sheridan. So, in appreciation for his contributions, Milt Bradford received the Yellowstone tribute during the show’s season four premiere. 


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