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June 1, 2023


June 1, 2023


June 1, 2023

For those who’ve been binge-watching Season 5 of Yellowstone (the hit western drama we’ve all been loving lately), you’ve probably noticed one specific character that has been completely absent in most parts of the season. It’s none other than Jimmy Hurdstrom – played by American actor Jefferson White.

Jimmy Hurdstrom had an emotional departure in Season 4 when he was sent off to West Texas Four Sixes Ranch – otherwise called 6666 – after breaking his promise to never rodeo again to John Dutton (Kevin Costner). He was sent to 6666 to become the ultimate cowboy he should be. While there, he also found the love of his life, Emily (Kathryn Kelly) – the ranch’s chief vet technician.

The two eventually returned to Yellowstone, wherein the entire gang finally met Emily. During this trip, Jimmy got John’s blessing to return to 6666 and begin a new life with Emily. Jimmy said his farewells to the Duttons, who’d basically been his family for so many years.

Now, fans were left wondering if there will be more of these two in the latest season. Will Jimmy Hurdstrom be returning to the Dutton ranch? Rumor has it that Jefferson White is leaving the show. 

Straight From The Ranch Hand’s Mouth

Well, lucky for us, we are about to hear some good news straight from Jefferson White, who is finally shutting down any rumors about his character Jimmy Hurdstrom!

In an interview early in 2022, White finally confirmed that he would be in Yellowstone’s Season 5. “I’m in season 5. Jimmy’s in season 5,” the actor revealed.

However, White has no details of the specific storyline yet or what’s in store for Jimmy Hurdstrom.

“I’ve really given up on trying to guess. What Taylor Sheridan, the show’s creator — I think one of the best writers in television now or ever, definitely — comes up with is always so much better than what I could come up with,” White added. 

“So I’m really excited that Jimmy’s journey continues, and I have no idea where it leads, and I’m just kind of ready to try to hold on.”

Well, it seems we can do nothing but wait and find out together how well Jimmy Hurdstrom’s choices will pan out.

Finally, A Glimpse Of Jimmy Hurdstrom In Season Five

Spoiler alert! Yellowstone finally gave fans a glimpse of what Jimmy Hurdstrom has been up to since his heartbreaking departure in Season 4. 

During the show’s Season 5 midseason finale – with the title A Knife and No Coin that aired in January 2023 – we finally got to see Jimmy’s life in West Texas Four Sixes Ranch, where he relocated to hone his cowboy skills. 

His surprising return after being absent in the entire season indeed provided some comic relief. Plus, it looks like his relationship with Emily is going stronger than ever. They are now living together and are madly in love with one another.

Sadly, we will have to wait for the second part of Yellowstone’s Season 5, as it was revealed that its filming had not begun yet. On the other hand, Paramount announced it would arrive this summer but did not give a specific release date.

We know you’re all as excited as we are while we wait eagerly to see what’s more in store for Jimmy Hurdstrom as Season 5 of Yellowstone continues. So with that said, be sure to stay tuned for more updates.


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