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Let’s Break Down the Outfit John Dutton Wears in Yellowstone

The Dutton family considers John Dutton as their foundation. As an authentic and time-tested cowboy, he is the patriarch of the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. Of course, the cowboy way of life that John Dutton has shown in his personality, even in the outfit choices he makes. 

From the boots John wears up to his cowboy hat, he is religious regarding his cowboy fashion. As far as outfits are concerned, it doesn’t get more cowboy than what John Dutton wears. 

Now, if you want to replicate John’s outfit and think it’ll be hard, you shouldn’t worry because we’re here to help you. We’ll talk about John’s most striking look and what you should consider when trying to replicate it affordably. 

John’s Quilted Jacket 

John Dutton wears a quilted jacket throughout the Yellowstone series that caught the eyes of many fans. The jacket is a Blacktail RangeWax Quilted Jacket in Oak by Schaefer Outfitter. It’s a practical, high-quality jacket designed to last for years, making it a must-have for a hardworking cowboy like John. 

The jacket has a waxed canvas finish designed to protect it from the elements. It’ll keep the wearer comfortable during windy, rainy, and snowy weather. 

The jacket also has a two-way zippered front and a flip-up corduroy collar. On top of that, it also has adjustable snap cuffs, six front pockets, and two inside pockets. 

For this jacket, there are plenty of quilted ones online that are made of cotton instead. Those are great options because they aren’t only more affordable but also comfortable and durable. To make it look authentic to what John wears in Yellowstone, don’t forget details such as the double zipper front and the jacket’s outside and inner pockets. 

John’s Washed Chambray Shirt 

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The shirt that John wears is a washed chambray western shirt from West Major. It gives his outfit a classic look and the shirt pairs well with his jeans. 

The shirt comes with double chest pockets that are practical and good-looking. John’s shirt is straightforward in design and gives him a clean and neat look.

For affordable options, you can go for shirts made out of cotton. A buttoned-up design would be great, and having those double chest pockets will be crucial if you want to stay authentic to John’s look in the show. 

John’s Dependable Jeans 

The jeans are another crucial part of the iconic outfit that John Dutton wears in the Yellowstone series. Being the busy cowboy he is, John definitely needs a pair of dependable, high-quality jeans. 

The jeans he wears have everything you’d want. They are stylish, durable, and comfortable. They have a mid-low rise and a relaxed upper-thigh part. The jeans also have a wide boot opening, making them practical for a cowboy’s everyday wear and when riding horses. 

For budget-friendly options, you can go for any jeans your budget can afford. Keep in mind the fit in the waist, seat, and thigh, and make sure it’s a comfortable fit, which is essential if you want more mobility when wearing the jeans. 

John’s Wool Vest 

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John also loves wearing a wool vest on the show. The Wool Arena vest is by Shaefer Outfitter and made out of Schaefer’s heavyweight Legacy 24 oz. Melton wool, making it an excellent option during the winter season. 

The vest has an open bottom design, providing added mobility when going in and out of the saddle. It also has a complete double-zippered front design, allowing John to split the bottom when he desires. 

As for the budget-friendly route, you can go for the official Yellowstone Dutton Ranch vest. The vest has a microfleece lining that will keep you warm during those chilly winter days. The exterior is also waterproof, and the vest is versatile enough to wear with a wide range of outfits. 

It’s the replica of the one John and many other characters wear in the show. It’s a great way to replicate John’s outfit while showing your love for the series. 

John’s Cowboy Hats 

It’s rare to see John Dutton without a cowboy hat throughout the Yellowstone series. While he has worn many hats in the show, the buckskin cowboy hat from Greeley Hat Works Shop is his most iconic one. The cowboy hat is made of fine fur and has a classic Reiner crease and a braided hatband. 

If you want to get your hands on the same hat, you can buy a replica from Greely. That’s right; you can wear the same one John Dutton wears in the Yellowstone series. The catch is that you need to prepare your wallet for the heft price tag that comes with it. 

Of course, since many of us are looking for the budget-friendly route, we’re happy to report that you can go for whatever cowboy hat you like! You only need to keep in mind to look for hats with a classic cowboy look, and you’ll be good to go. 

John’s Reliable Cowboy Boots 

You can’t call someone a cowboy if they don’t wear cowboy boots, right? John Dutton always has a pair of cowboy boots on, no matter where he decides to go on the show. 

The ones John wears in Yellowstone are a pair of men’s Greer exotic smooth ostrich-skin cowboy boots from Justin’s Boots. John’s boots have a soft ostrich vamp and a leather upper. They also have a round roper toe, considered a classic design for cowboy boots to keep the wearer’s feet comfortable. 

Regarding cheaper options, this is another part of the outfit that you won’t struggle with finding a more budget-friendly alternative. Plenty of fantastic cowboy boots online can look identical to what John wears but cheaper because they use more inexpensive materials. 

Of course, the quality will be inferior compared to the more expensive ones, but you’d still be able to pull off the John Dutton look you aim to replicate. 

Overall, the iconic outfit that John Dutton loves to wear in the Yellowstone series isn’t that hard to replicate affordably. Since he’s sporting a classic western style, you’ll find plenty of options online. It’s simply a matter of copying the details of the ones John wears in the show. 


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