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What Yellowstone Fans Want to Know About Bianca Rodrigues Grimes

Fans of the Yellowstone series, especially those of Luke Grimes, the actor who plays Kacey Dutton, have recently been interested in his wife, Bianca Rodrigues Grimes. While the couple has been together for quite some time, the public knows little about their relationship. That’s all thanks to their tendency to keep things about their personal life private. 

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That said, there’s no need to worry because we are here to step in and give you whatever information we have about Luke Grime’s wife. Below are the things that most people want to know about Bianca Grimes. 

Who is Bianca Grimes?

Born on August 9, 1996, Bianca Rodrigues Grimes is a Brazilian model who moved to America to pursue better opportunities in her modeling career. She married Luke Grimes on November 21, 2018, and they’ve been happy together ever since. 

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Now, if you are wondering where Luke Grimes’ kids are, there are none. That is right; Luke and Bianca currently have no children together. Both of them seem to want to focus on their respective careers. 

The closest thing the couple has, as far as children are concerned, are Bianca’s two gorgeous cats, Zelda and Buck. It turns out that Bianca is a cat lover. She even frequently shares posts about her cats on her Instagram. Her cats even have an Instagram account of their own!

The Couple Live in Montana Together

While filming for the Yellowstone series, Luke and Bianca made the big move to Montana, leaving behind the hustle and bustle of LA. Bianca often shares posts on Instagram about their life in Montana, with most of her posts depicting Luke and her living in a campervan. 

Bianca Rodrigues Grimes also regularly posts plenty of picturesque photos of their life in Montana. While it’s a different world compared to Los Angeles, the couple seems to enjoy the peaceful life in the countryside. 

Bianca Has a Sizable Social Media Following 

Unlike her husband, Luke, who doesn’t have any public social media accounts, Bianca loves posting on Instagram. As mentioned earlier, she is active on the platform and has over 200,000 followers. 

Most of the time, Bianca posts plenty of travel photos of her adventures, which usually include places such as Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Wyoming, and of course, California. She also loves regularly posting pictures of her and Luke together. 

Bianca has been actively posting on her Instagram account ever since 2016. The majority of her posts are in English, but there are also times when she uses her native language, Portuguese. 

While it’s pretty sad that not a lot of information is available about the couple’s relationship, it’s something we have to accept and respect because of their desire to keep things private. However, most fans would have a good glimpse of the couple’s life by following Bianca Rodrigues Grimes’s Instagram account


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