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Breaking Down the Full Outfit Rip Wheeler Wore on Yellowstone

Yellowstone ranch hand Rip Wheeler is one of the most beloved characters in the series. Cole Hauser, the actor that portrays him, did an incredible job bringing the character to the TV screen. Of course, besides being a tested and proven cowboy, fans have also been captivated by Rip Wheeler’s iconic cowboy-style outfit.

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One particular outfit that many admire about the character is his signature jacket. If you are one of the many fans of that jacket and Rip’s outfits in general, then you’re in luck because we are here to help those who want to replicate Rip’s authentic western-style look. 

Below, you’ll find a breakdown of the items you’ll need to pull off Rip Wheeler’s iconic outfit. 

Rip’s Iconic Jacket 

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Let’s start with the most notable piece of clothing in Rip’s outfit, the iconic jacket he regularly wears throughout the series. 

So, you should start by looking for a black cotton jacket exactly like what Rip wears on the show. One with button closures, a zipper, button cuffs, a button pocket on the chest, and a collar. You can also add the ranch’s logo on the jacket’s chest to give it a more authentic Yellowstone look. 

Black Button-Up Shirt 

The next part of Rip’s ensemble is his black button-up shirt. A cowboy cut Western style long sleeve snap work shirt will be a good option. In addition to the button-up closure, the shirt must have two button pockets on the chest if you genuinely want to replicate Rip’s outfit. 

Additionally, going for a shirt made of cotton will also be a great idea. That way, you can have a comfortable fit and a shirt that can withstand wear and tear. 

Rip’s Denim Jeans 

The next item on the Rip Wheeler outfit we are trying to replicate is his denim jeans. After all, no cowboy outfit will be complete without a pair of trustworthy and durable denim jeans. 

You can pick any denim jeans you want, but try to look for one with functionality in mind. Another thing to consider is wearing jeans that’ll stack comfortably over your favorite cowboy boots and have a breathable build fitting for all-year wearability. 

The Brown Cowboy Boots 

In the show, Rip wears a pair of square-toe cowboy boots, so that’s the next item we should focus on next to replicate his outfit completely. A comfortable square-toe design with a distressed leather appearance is what you should go for with these boots. 

An all-weather design would also be great since it’ll allow you to wear the boots whether it rains or shines. Additionally, you’d want boots with an ergonomic and lightweight build so you could wear them all day without placing too much fatigue on your feet. 

The Brown Cowboy Hat

The brown cowboy hat that Rip Wheeler often wears with his outfit in the Yellowstone series is simple and practical. Greeley, the company that made the hat Rip wears in the series, has a replica you can buy. However, you’d best prepare for the hefty price tag that comes with that hat if you plan to buy it. 

Want to look for a more affordable alternative? In that case, there are two main features to remember when buying your brown cowboy hat when trying to replicate Rip’s outfit exactly: a cattleman crown and a Reiner brim. 

Those two factors give Rip’s hat that classic western look. To make it look classy, consider going for a hat made of fine brown fur with a medium patina distress finish. Amazon is a great place to start your search for these cowboy hats since you’ll find plenty of affordable ones for sale there. 

The Rip Wheeler Sunglasses

The next item on our list is the pair of sunglasses that Rip loves to wear. As small a detail as this might be, they are another signature aspect of his outfit on the show. 

When looking for sunglasses, try to find one that is versatile, stylish, and sleek. A pair that can match a wide range of outfits will be a great choice if you want to get the most out of your sunglasses. 

As far as design and style are concerned, one that has a classic retro look with a modern twist will be great. If you have the budget, try to go for sunglasses with crystal lenses and durable metal frames because they’ll be your most durable options. A 100% UV protection coating is a nice bonus if you can afford it too.

Silver Belt Buckle 

The final item we need to complete Rip’s outfit is a silver belt buckle. This item may be a minor detail like the sunglasses, but it will certainly complete the classic western look we are trying to replicate. 

More importantly, Rip frequently wears his silver belt buckle in the Yellowstone series. So, it’s a must when trying to stay true to his outfit on the show. 

As far as the buckle is concerned, look for one with a high-quality hand-polished silver-plated finish. Preferably something made with durable zinc alloy so that it can last for years. 

For the design, try to go with one that has an antique and beautiful western floral design. The buckle should also pair perfectly with a wide range of belts, so it can also be an excellent accessory for your other outfits. 

We know there are a lot of items on this list, but they are everything you need to replicate the outfit that Rip wore in the series properly. If you aren’t interested in replicating the outfit to the letter, you can omit the items you don’t like or struggle to get your hands on. 

Hopefully, the information here will shed some light for those looking to replicate the iconic outfit Rip Wheeler wore on the Yellowstone series. 


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