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Why Does John Dutton Hate Jamie? Let’s Shed Some Light on This!

Yellowstone doesn’t hide the tension between John Dutton and his son, Jamie Dutton. On top of that, many other characters in the series seem to have issues with Jamie. So, does John Dutton hate Jamie? While we’re at it, who else in the Dutton family has major beef with the guy? 

John and Jamie have a complicated relationship throughout the series. While John did say he loves Jamie, he doesn’t seem to show it, ever. One could even say John is hard on him at all times. By how he treats the rest of his children, it’s easy to conclude that John favors Beth and Kayce over Jamie. 

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Throughout the series, Jamie struggles to get the approval of his father. John, on the other hand, is constantly harsh on his son. 

Why Does John Dutton Dislike Jamie? 

The underlying reason for John Dutton‘s dislike of Jamie is their differing personality and views on life. It is why they often fight, argue, and even work against each other in various stages of their life. Of course, it’s also possible that John dislikes Jamie because he’s adopted and not a true-blooded Dutton. 

Yes, that’s right, Jamie is adopted. This information gets revealed in season three of Yellowstone when Jamie discovers that John isn’t his biological father. 

Jamie later meets his biological father, Randall Garrett, who is fresh out of prison. He then learns that Garrett resents John and later falls for his manipulations. Garrett tries to convince Jamie that John must disappear from the world. 

Things become even more complicated when Riggins, Garret’s prison cellmate, orders a militia attack on the Duttons. Since Jamie was the only family member that didn’t get targeted, Beth started to believe that he was behind the attack. 

Although Kayce is sure that Jamie wasn’t involved with the attack on their family, Beth isn’t. As a result, a deep mistrust develops between Jamie and the rest of the Duttons. 

John also hates that Jamie ran against his Attorney General pick. There was also an incident where Jamie leaked some dark secrets about their ranch during an interview. He attempted to make his father look bad. Fortunately, he managed to cover the interview up before it got out. 

The Father and Son Feud Continues 

After some convincing from Garrett and Christina (the mother of Jamie’s child), Jamie decides to run for governor in Montana. John doesn’t take this news well, which is another reason on the “Why does John Dutton hates Jamie?” list.  

Montana’s current governor, Lynelle Perry, visits John to tell him that he plans to endorse Jamie as the next governor. To ensure that Jamie doesn’t win, John decides to run for governor. As a result, Perry changes his mind and endorses John instead of Jamie. 

At one point, John starts having cold feet about running, but Beth is there to convince him to continue and move forward with the campaign. The father-daughter duo then devise a plan to upset Jamie. 

During a press conference, once where Jamie expects Perry to endorse him as his gubernatorial candidate, he discovers John is running for governor. To make matters worse, he gets caught off-guard by Perry’s decision to support John instead of him. 

John and Beth don’t even hide their satisfaction as they see Jamie get crushed by the revelation. As to where their political careers end up taking them, nobody knows at this point. 

So, does John Dutton hate Jamie? We can’t say for sure. However, his action clearly shows that he dislikes him. The only thing we can do now is to continue watching the series to see how things develop between the two. 


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