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Our Top 10 Beth Dutton Outfits From the Yellowstone Series

Beth Dutton Outfits on Yellowstone and Where to buy them

Beth Dutton has become an icon not only because of her fierce personality and sharp one-liners but also for her outfits and sense of style. All those things have worked together for Beth and made her one of the most well-loved characters in Yellowstone. 

Beth Dutton is fearless in adding some patterns to her looks, especially if she knows she’ll still have fun with it while maintaining her sleek looks. 

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Now for those who are fans of Beth’s outfits and want to get their hands on some of them, we’re here to help you. We’ve compiled a list of her ten most iconic looks in the show. We even have hints on where to purchase a few of them. From her stylish dresses to her elegant fur coats, this collection of magnificent pieces of clothing will help you up your fashion game. 

Green Floral Midi Dress

For the summer months, Midi dresses are a staple for many. They are cute looking and extremely comfortable during the hot weather. Beth’s stunning floral midi dress from Ba&sh is an item that will surely brighten up your day. 

The flattering dress is perfect for a night out of town or even special occasions. For a chic look, pair it with sandals or, if you’re feeling a bit Yellowstone, a pair of cowboy boots.  

Black and Red Polka Dot Dress 

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The black and red polka dot dress that Beth Dutton wore in the show and showed off her feminine charms excellently is a Juliet Dress by Realisation Par in Italia Spot. It’s one of her more stunning dresses throughout the show. 

Like other Beth Dutton dresses and clothing from other Yellowstone characters, you can find this dress on Shopthescenes.com. 

Matcha Floral-Print Mini Dress

During Season four, Episode six of Yellowstone, Beth wore a beautiful matcha mini dress with floral prints. The great news is that this particular dress is easy to find online. You can find it in stock on the Ba&sh website, and even eBay has several sellers offering them. 

Blue Aztec Poncho 

For those looking for a more unique and fresher look for their wardrobe, Lindsey Thornburg’s Pagoda Springs Classic Cloak may be what you’re looking for right now. 

Beth wore this outfit with a pair of blue jeans and looked super comfy. It’s the perfect option if you want to wear something casual during the chilly weather while still looking good.  

If you want an identical cloak on the more affordable side, you can go on Amazon and Etsy to find some budget-friendly options. 

Orange-Red Sherpa Coat

Since they are a staple for her wardrobe, Beth Dutton has plenty of coats, most of which are standout pieces too. An excellent example of this is her orange-red sherpa coat that doesn’t only make her look comfortable but stylish too. 

The coat is quite versatile too. You could pair it with a blouse, a floral maxi dress, or even jeans with boots and still maintain a fantastic look. It’s safe to say that you’ve found the perfect piece if you’re looking for something to wear for your fall or winter ensemble. 

Golden Dress

On her wedding day in Yellowstone, Beth wore a golden dress that stunned many fans. It was the Zuri dress by Fannie Schiavoni. Far from typical, the stunning dress showcased Beth’s dazzling, flirty, and fun side. Those who saw that dress will surely struggle to get it off their minds for a while. 

Cowboy Hats

Though she doesn’t embrace the cowboy lifestyle like the rest of the Duttons, Beth still wears cowboy hats from time to time. These hats are versatile accessories no one would regret adding to their wardrobe. You can wear them with work jackets, jeans, a cute sundress, and of course, cowboy boots. 

Leopard Print Button-Up Dress and Bag

If you’ve watched the Yellowstone series for a while and seen plenty of Beth Dutton’s outfits, then you’d notice that she has a thing for animal prints. 

In one episode, Beth wore an amazing Leopard Shirt Dress by Wilfred at Artizia. She completed the look by pairing the leopard print dress with a TEDDY shoulder bag from Ba&sh. 

Bomber Jacket

Among the many outfits Beth Dutton wore during the show, nothing screams Yellowstone vibes other than her bomber jacket. This jacket is an excellent choice if you want to add that vibe to your wardrobe. It’s also a perfect choice for winter because it’ll keep you warm while cleaning stalls or riding outside on horseback. 

To make it more comfortable and practical, wear the coat with a flannel shirt, jeans, a cowboy hat, and some good cowboy boots. Now, even if you aren’t into the cowboy lifestyle, this coat will still come in handy when the temperatures are frigid. 

Snow Leopard Wedding Coat 

While a coat isn’t something you’d think a bride would wear during her wedding, it was a unique look that Beth managed to pull off. The coat was the Snow Lynx Animal-Print Faux Fur Coat by Faz Not Fur. It was undoubtedly one of the more unique and stunning pieces that Beth wore during the show. 

Most importantly, if you want your wardrobe to make a statement, this is a piece you need to have. No matter the occasion, wearing this coat will display how extravagant you can be and stun the people that lay their eyes upon it. 

You can wear it with a blouse or a pencil skirt. You can even be bold and wear a party dress underneath it like Beth. 

As you can see, Beth is a character that has a fantastic collection of clothes. However, these are ten of the most iconic outfits that Beth Dutton wore throughout the series. Hopefully, you found one or two that you can proudly add to your wardrobe collection.