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Who’s the Actress Playing Teeter in Yellowstone?

Jennifer Landon is the actress that plays Teeter, the tough-talking cowgirl on Yellowstone. She first appeared on the show on Season 3 when she got hired to work on the Yellowstone Ranch. 

During that season, John Dutton asked Rip to look for a cowgirl who is “mean or ugly” to avoid further issues in the bunkhouse. Due to her badass personality and impressive roping skills, Teeter landed the job. The scene where Rip picks her over other applicants is so hilarious that fans of the show have a hard time forgetting about it. 

Of course, Yellowstone fans can’t resist looking into the actor behind the character ever since Teeter appeared on the show. To help answer some questions about the actress behind Teeter, here are a few things you should know about Jennifer Landon. 

Who Is Jennifer Landon? 

Jennifer Rachel Landon was born in Malibu, California, on August 29, 1983. Landon is an award-winning actress with an impressive list of T.V. and film appearances under her belt. Besides her role as Teeter in Yellowstone, Landon is also known for her role in “As the World Turns.” 

Is She Michael Landon’s Daughter? 

Yes, Jennifer Landon, who plays Teeter in Yellowstone, is Michael Landon’s daughter. She came from the legendary actor’s third wife, Cindy Clerico. 

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For those who don’t know, Michael Landon is a famous actor who appeared in several great 20th Century movies and series. Some notable examples are Little House on the Prairie, Bonanza, and Highway to Heaven. 

Michael Landon also directed plenty of his own T.V. series and received multiple awards for his works throughout his career. In 1998, he got inducted into the Western Performers Hall of Fame at Oklahoma’s National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum. 

Unfortunately, Michael passed away because of pancreatic cancer when he was 54 years old. Jennifer was only seven years old when that happened. 

A Look at Jennifer’s Acting Career

Jennifer started her acting career as early as age 5. She played a small role in “Highway to Heaven,” a T.V. series from 1984 to 1989. Jennifer’s role in that show was given to her by her father, whom she would eventually work with again before his passing. 

Jennifer then had her first movie appearance in L.A. D.J. in 2004. The year after, the CBS soap opera, “As the World Turns,” gave her a guest role. After her outstanding performance as Gwen Norbeck Munson, the show offered her a three-year contract. 

In 2006, Jennifer found an opportunity to showcase her singing talent after her character in the series pursued a musical career. She recorded and performed two country singles, “I Saw Love” and “Slide.”

In the following years, Jennifer had several T.V. Series and movie appearances. The more notable of which are Animal Kingdom, The Young and the Restless, and Banshee. She’s also appeared on episodes of FBI: Most Wanted and Helstrom after landing her role on Yellowstone. 

What Does Jennifer Think About Teeter as a Character? 

The Teeter role turned out to be a dream job for Jennifer Landon. She said playing the character taught her to take big swings while still rooting things in truth and always doing “You.”

Jennifer also says that she likes the amount of screen time that Teeter gets on the show. She believes this is due to Sheridan’s impeccable ability to avoid oversaturating the show with the character, especially since Teeter is what many consider an “acquired taste.” To her surprise, Teeter became a fan favorite in Yellowstone during its last few seasons, with fans wanting more of her. 

When it comes to Teeter’s relationship with the character Colby, Jennifer finds it amusing how Teeter harrassed the cowboy instead of him doing that to her. She says their relationship will unfold in a “refreshing” way.

There is no doubt that Jennifer Landon did a fantastic job playing Teeter in Yellowstone. She surely left fans impressed and wanting more out of her character. 


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