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Why Do Fans Think That Monica Will Die in Yellowstone?

It’s no secret that Yellowstone is a show that isn’t shy about killing off its beloved characters. After all, bloodshed is inevitable because the Duttons must fight and expose themselves to danger to keep their precious land. Since no one is safe in the show, fans have been speculating about the possible death of Monica in the Yellowstone series

Despite her many near-death experiences during the show, including the scary car crash where she lost her second unborn child, Monica is, surprisingly, still alive. 

A Recap of Monica’s Story So Far (SPOILERS AHEAD!)

During the show’s first season, Monica suffers severe injuries after attempting to help and break up a fight between two boys at the school where she works. While at home recovering, she passes out and gets rushed to the hospital. During that time, the doctors discover that she has a type of brain injury known as an epidural hematoma. 

Monica undergoes surgery and starts her long road to recovery. During her recovery phase, Monica undergoes physical therapy, hoping it’ll help speed up her injury’s healing process. Sadly, her relationship with Kayce takes a hit while she’s still trying to recover. Things somehow take a turn for the worse as the couple faces plenty of struggles. 

One reason for the couple’s rocky relationship is Monica’s disapproval of Kayce’s relationship with his father, John. She seems scared, believing that her and Tate’s (her son with Kacey) safety are at risk. 

Despite all that, Monica and Kayce decide to give their relationship another chance. The couple then manages to work their issues out together. 

As Monica continues her therapy, she and Kayce start developing a relationship with her therapist. The affair happened while Monica and Kayce were still at odds with each other. That said, Monica called things off just before things started getting spicier. She realized at that time that she still loved Kayce. 

During season four of Yellowstone, Monica once again manages to avoid death. She and Tate find themselves under attack right after Kayce warns them that their lives might be in danger. A masked man enters their home and attacks Monica, injuring her in the process. 

Fortunately, Tate manages to save his mother from dying by shooting the intruder with a rifle. After the incident, the mother and son duo head to the bunkhouse and take shelter there. 

Later, Kayce finds his wife and son in their home, taking refuge inside the bedroom. Tate, who is hiding below the bed, is clearly upset about their situation. During that time, Kayce pulls his son out, holds him, and tells him that things will be alright. 

Also, during season four, Kayce has a vision and tells Monica that he saw “The end of us.” It’s unclear what Kayce’s vision truly means. It could be that his marriage with Monica will come to an end. It remains to be seen whether that would come with the couple separating or Monica’s death. 

Monica also reveals that she’s pregnant with her and Kayce’s second child during the fourth season. Unfortunately, she loses their second child during a car crash during season five’s premiere.

Nothing is certain when it comes to Yellowstone. That said, plenty of fans feel that Monica Dutton will meet her end during season five or later. Based on Kayce’s visions, there is still a shadow of Monica and his future. 

During the premiere of season five, Kayce explains that he didn’t see the death of his unborn child in his visions. He believes that their end has yet to come. 

So, Will She Meet Her End?

Overall, much speculation is present regarding Monica’s death in Paramount‘s Yellowstone series. Many fans believe she’ll die for the sake of fueling Kayce’s “revenge” plot against his enemies. Whether that’ll be the case remains to be seen, and we can only wait. 


Monica Long Dutton, Yellowstone

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