November 6

Jessica Andrews Has An Angelic Voice In “I Will Be There for You”

The song “I Will Be There for You” was the first single recorded by Jessica Andrews in November 1998. The song was included in the album Heart Shaped World. It was also used as a Nashville soundtrack for the animated movie The Prince of Egypt, produced by DreamWorks. Tom Shapiro, Josh Leo, and Rick Bowles composed this beautiful love song.

“I Will Be There for You” by Jessica Andrews peaked at number 28 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart in 1999. She was only 15 when she released this song and her debut album, Heart Shaped World, made it to number 24 on the Top Country Albums charts. In March 1999, Jessica Andrews performed the song “I Will Be There for You” on the soap opera Another World.

Incredible Jessica Andrews songs are sometimes featured as soundtracks. For instance, the songs “I Will Be There for You” and “The Riverside” are featured in Dawson’s Creek.

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The song “I Will Be There for You” talks about a woman who is grateful that she has found somebody who is always by her side whenever she needs him. Even if there are challenges, she believes they can overcome them because he is always there by her side. And in return, she promised to give him all that she had. Through sorrow and pain, she promised that she would always be there for him.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone special who is always by your side through the ups and downs? Unfortunately, not all people are lucky enough to have somebody to comfort them in times of loneliness. But don’t lose hope. Maybe he’s just out there waiting for you.

If you are searching for a perfect wedding song, “I Will Be There for You” by Jessica Andrews would be an excellent choice, especially if it is sung by a young lady with an angelic voice. Most probably, it will become the highlight of your wedding ceremony!

To listen to this beautiful love song, you can watch the video below:


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