April 17

Loretta Lynn Praised the Lord in “Peace in the Valley”

Most of the time, we get troubled by problems and trials in life. Further, these struggles will sometimes shake our faith which may lead to our downfall. The good thing is we can do is to go to God and ask for help if this happens. Moreover, you can listen to the cover hit of Loretta Lynn of the hymn “Peace in the Valley” and find some inspiration from it.

Loretta Lynn, peace in the valley, country singer
Photo Credits: Loretta Lynn/ Official Facebook Home Page

Loretta Lynn: Country Legend

She is considered as one of the most respected personalities in country music. With her lavish career, Loretta Lynn was able to have multiple gold albums. Also, she has a spanning career of sixty years. Anyhow, during her early years, Lynn started singing at night clubs until she was able to form her own band. A stroke of good luck came when she signed her contract in 1960. She went touring to different radio stations to promote her music and luckily a wide variety of audience loved her.

Loretta Lynn, peace in the valley, country singer
Photo Credits: Loretta Lynn/ Official Facebook Home Page

Loretta Lynn popularized the hits “One’s on the Way,” “Coal Miners Daughter,” and “Fist City.” Furthermore, she sold more than 45 million albums and was able to push 24 number ones. Lynn is always distinct due to her powerful voice. Most of the time, she was accused of being too serious but she is down to earth with a quick wit of humor.

The Perfect Song for a Peaceful Life

Peace in the Valley” was penned by Thomas A. Dorsey. Originally, the hit was for Mahalia Jackson but it was given to Red Foley and the Sunshine Boys. Upon the release of the hit, it sold more than one million copies. Now, the song is one of the most favorite gospel hymns and it was also covered by numerous artists. Loretta Lynn was one of the artists who gave justice to the song.

Listen and be amazed by this hit.


Loretta Lynn, Mahalia Jackson, peace in the valley

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