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Dan + Shay’s “When I Pray For You” Shows a Father’s Unconditional Love

Praying is how we communicate with God.  We pray to thank Him, ask His forgiveness, guidance, and love. But what is the feeling of being prayed for?

The best way to show your love to someone is not only by saying sweet words towards them but praying for them. They might not know it, but God knows how important they are in your life. With that, let me share a story about a new father who prayed for his child and how God granted what he wished for.

Shay as a Father

January 24, 2017, marks the happiest day in Shay and Hannah’s life. It was when their adorable baby boy, Asher Jams Mooney, was born. In addition, as the couple welcomed their first child, they did not waste their time to have a quality time together and to show how blessed they are for having a baby boy like Asher.

Shay Mooney's fatherhood
Via Shay Mooney’s Official Facebook Page

Asher is now 2 years old. As you look at their social media accounts, you will see the happiness of having a complete and lovely family. It seems that their family’s foundation is unbreakable. As they go along in their lives, the love that is being passed on with each member of the family gets stronger day by day.

“When I Pray For You”

Dan + Shay, When I Pray For You
Photo Credit: Dan + Shay/ youtube.com by Screengrab

It is a song recorded by American country artist duo, Dan + Shay. It was then released in February 2017. It also came out as a soundtrack in 2017’s drama film, The Shack.

Upon its release, “When I Pray For You” peaked the highest-selling track in the Christian music genre. As it entered the country chart, it also debuted number 3 on the Billboard Christian Songs.

According to Shay, one of the writers, his feelings as soon to be father brought him into writing. 10 days after his son was born, the song was released.

“When I Pray For You” is one of the most special songs that Dan + Shay had created. The song is inspired by a father who is soon to be a father for his first child. The lyrics show how a father prayed for a child and when his child came, the feeling he felt was unexplainable. God granted his prayer because God knows how a child can change a man’s life.

Watch this video below:

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