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January 11, 2024


January 11, 2024


January 11, 2024

We’ve all heard Taylor Swift’s classic song “Teardrops on My Guitar” from her self-titled debut album. 

Swift released her self-titled album in 2006, showcasing her songwriting prowess through storytelling and the relatability of her lyrics. She was certainly recognized for it, earning awards like the Horizon Award at the 2007 Country Music Association Awards and the Academy of Country Music Awards Top New Female Vocalist in the same year. 

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While there wasn’t a specific song that won an award during its debut year, there were two standouts from the album—one of which was “Teardrops on My Guitar.”

She co-wrote the song with her frequent collaborator, Liz Rose, and it became a hit in the US, peaking at #13 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #2 on Hot Country Songs. It made an impact on pop radio, hitting #7 on the Mainstream Top 40. The song was also Certified Triple Platinum by the RIAA, selling over three million units. 

Meaning Behind the Song

“Teardrops on My Guitar” was inspired by Taylor Swift‘s crush Drew Hardwick. Swift and Hardwick sat together in class daily, leading to their friendship. As they grew closer, he became more open in telling her about this girl he had feelings about (and who was sadly not her). But she maintained their friendship and kept her own feelings to herself. 

The song resonated strongly with a lot of fans for a few reasons. The lyrics were grounded on Taylor’s real emotions, making it easy for her audience to relate to her. It became almost an anthem for unrequited love that even people who have yet to experience the same thing can still feel the depth of that heart-crushing moment of finding out the boy you liked didn’t like you back, and all you could ever be were friends. 

Additionally,  the sound wasn’t complicated, easily capturing the raw feelings of heartache and longing the young Taylor Swift felt. 

All in all, Taylor Swift’s “Teardrops on My Guitar” is one of the cornerstones of the future of Taylor Swift’s songs. It stood and continues to stand the test of time as being distinct even amongst Taylor’s new releases. Give the song another listen (we have it on repeat) in the video below.


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