October 28

Lennon and Maisy Sing “Ring of Fire” at the Opry

Lennon and Maisy is a Canadian country duo who is trying their shot at fame by performing at country music’s biggest stage. The country duo’s debut at the Opry was as successful as the song that they chose to perform. When singing a Johnny Cash classic there is automatically high pressure to deliver the song really well.

Lennon and Maisy at the Opry

The country duo, Lennon and Maisy, has been performing at the Grand Ole Opry for a couple of times already, so you can see that they are at ease during their performance. Since they are a duo, the two have an amazing blending technique. The younger sister has a higher range while the older sister has a lower vocal tune. Their voices are perfectly in sync with each other and it really showed during their performance of “Ring of Fire.”

lennon and maisy, ring of fire opry
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The two did an amazing job covering one of Johnny Cash’s greatest hits. They were able to showcase their amazing vocal prowess and their talent in guitar playing. This was such a refreshing take on a classic country song and the two have proven that the younger generation is still in touch with traditional country music.

About the Song

Officially, this song is stated to be written by June Carter and Merle Kilgore. Kilgore is known for writing other country hits but he is much closely related to this song. He served as the best man to Johnny and June’s wedding.

“Ring of Fire” is one of the first recordings inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame. The song is surrounded by controversy that even up to know, can only be answered by Johnny Cash himself. The good thing about it is that the controversy was overshadowed by how this song really strengthened Johnny’s marriage to June Carter.

Watch Lennon and Maisy’s Performance here:




Lennon and Maisy

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