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Top-charting Songs from the ‘Urban Cowboy’ Soundtrack

Movies hitting big time have played a major role in the promotion of new songs through their soundtracks. However, for the 1978 “Urban Cowboy” film, it was a completely different story.

The “Urban Cowboy” Impact

“Urban Cowboy,” upon its release as a film, did not get much attention like any other blockbuster films back then. Instead, its soundtrack gained much attention. This produced three number one hits, a number four hit, and four more songs made it to the top 40 charts.

The impact of the ‘Urban Cowboy’ soundtrack was not just felt on the charts, but it contributed to the overall landscape of country music. It’s packed with melodic tunes that were accompanied by some soft rock leanings which introduced a completely new variety of country music.

Irvin Azoof, one of the film’s producer, saw how large the impact the songs has brought to the people and even saw it as something that could totally change the fashion statement and the things people do back in the day. He also acknowledges that the movie was great, but it could be said to be a compilation of hit songs than a movie.

Let us look at some of the top-charting songs from the ‘Urban Cowboy’ soundtrack.

10. Joe Walsh, ‘All Night Long

Even with Azoof’s desire to just feature The Eagles in the movie’s soundtracks, it would be hard for them not to recognize great songs from other great artists. Joe Walsh was one of them and his single “All Night Long” charted as a number 20 hit.


9. Charlie Daniels Band, ‘Falling in Love For Tonight’

Featuring a cheerful twist feel to the song, the Charlie Daniels Band has given life to the dance floor scenes of the movie extending to the households.

8. Kenny Rogers, ‘Love the World Away’ 

Thanks to the help of his “Urban Cowboy” soundtrack, Kenny Rogers attained a much greater commercial success than what he has reached prior to the movie. Rogers’ soundtrack presented a throwback to Glen Campbell’s “Love the World Away,” a ‘70s ballad.

7. Boz Scaggs, ‘Look What You’ve Done to Me’

Reports say that Box Scaggs, together with songwriter David Foster, was asked to write a song that would fit Madolyn Smith’s character, Pam. The song had to be a seductive love song, which they were able to do and in an excellent way making it to the top of the adult contemporary charts. 

6. Linda Ronstadt and J,D, Souther, ‘Heart Against Wind

Tears would definitely be falling from your eyes with the heartfelt duet of Linda Ronstadt and Souther. The perfect sparse ending surely brought the song to a whole new level.

5. The Eagles, ‘Lyin’ Eyes’ 

Even prior to the release of the movie, this song has already made it to the top 10 of the country charts. With the easy-going theme, it added much more flare to the 1978 ‘Urban Cowboy’ soundtrack.


4. Mickey Gilley, ‘Stand by Me

Originally known as a Ben E King song, Gilley added some flare for country unto the song. 

3. Bonnie Raitt, ‘Don’t Make Ya Wanna Dance

With his high-profile pedal steel and fiddle-driven songs, this makes Raitt a beat fit for the overall theme brought by the “Urban Cowboys.”


2. Jimmy Buffett, ‘Hello Texas

A dust-kicking country rock song and highlighting a place close to every Cowboy’s heart, “Hello Texas” was a completely perfect introductory song for “Urban Cowboy”

1.John Lee, ‘Lookin For Love

A life story that was turned into a story, ‘Looking for Love’ was a complete hit for Lee.


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