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It’s a “Wild World” Out There So Who Wants to Go Off-Grid Like Kip Moore?


We never had a year like 2020. All the things that we have grown accustomed to like the cross-town trips, family gatherings, live events, and large community gatherings were all scrapped making us feel like the world has suddenly shrunk.

Kip Moore in the Woods

For country artist Kip Moore, it was more than just missing out on one of his favorite parts of this year. But he took it deeper and it brought him to be more grateful for all the time he has spent on the road for the past years. During a recent press interview, Moore honestly admitted that the guys that he meets on the road and the magic that they bring is what he missed the most.

The magic that Moore was pertaining to was not just created by his band. It includes everybody who has worked with him through the years to make his shows possible. In addition, Moore said that the smiles he sees every time he looks at the crowds just add even more magic.

With community health protocols prohibiting large gatherings, Moore has used this time to explore the world around him. The country star has spent most of the first weeks of quarantine in his lodge for rock climbers and hikers in Kentucky’s Red River Gorge. Having been immersed in nature for quite some time, Moore said that it has caused him to change the way he looks at life.

This brought Kip Moore desiring a life away from the bright lights of the music industry and to completely go off the grid.

Wild World

Kip Moore’s newest project “Wild World” can considerably be one of his most honest and authentic works. Despite the deep soul searching that Moore has included in each song, it was a pleasant surprise to have a couple of feel-good dance along tracks. The Bluesy “Grow On You” and “Red White” would make you move along the beat.

Moore fully displayed the thoughts that are running through his mind with “Wild World.” He went to the extent that he exposes several parts of his identity which would probably make some not like the album that much.

If “Wild World” is a statement of what Moore is as a person, it definitely presents him raw who, just like any of us, has flaws, regrets, and shortcomings. Watch out for more of this work from Kip Moore.