May 25

Willie Nelson Poked Fun At Death Rumors He’s Faced In The Music Video For “Still Not Dead”

In 2017, Willie Nelson fired back at the death rumors he has faced through the years with a video for his song “Still Not Dead” – and it’s too funny for words.

It opens with Nelson waking up from his sleep, wearing the famous sweater Snoop Dogg gave him for Christmas that says, “Smoke Weed Every Day.” He went about his normal day, pouring himself a cup of coffee and surfing the internet – only to find out he had been reported dead. The country legend couldn’t help but laugh.

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“Well, I woke up still not dead again today,” Nelson begins to sing in a music video that’s filled with cleverly humorous footage of him. “The internet said I had passed away. But if I died, I wasn’t dead to stay.”

The short clip went on with Nelson performing “Still Not Dead” in a studio and some shots of him being silly and dancing goofily – little moments that will truly put a smile on your face.

Willie Nelson Is Alive and Well

Written by Willie Nelson and Buddy Cannon, “Still Not Dead” is Nelson’s way of poking fun at the constant rumors about his impending death that have been swirling for years. 

The country icon has been the victim of such a terrible hoax quite a few times that he thought he’d write something funny about it. “I got up two or three times in the last couple of years and read the paper where I’d passed away,” the country legend said. “So, I just wanted to let ’em know that’s a lot of horses–t.”

The humorous track appeared on Nelson’s album, God’s Problem Child – which was released before his 84th birthday. You can watch its music video below.


Willie Nelson

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