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Sammy Kershaw Songs Recapture The Spirit Of Country Music That Made The Genre Great

With his soulful sound and Cajun vocal kick, Sammy Kershaw songs quickly became among the most consistent power hitters in country music. Since he graced the world of music in the early 1990s, the Louisiana native has enjoyed major hit records and sold-out tours.

Born in 1958, Kershaw focused his attention on music at an early age. He became the family’s breadwinner at the age of eleven. In addition to working various day jobs, he would take his guitar to perform gigs at different roadhouses during the night to help support his family.

But with such talent, Sammy Kershaw quickly fit in the country music industry. He opened shows for country stars like Ray Price, Merle Haggard, and George Jones. Soon enough, he has seen over twenty of his singles making their way to the country charts’ Top 40. And today, we’ve collected some of the best ones. Check them out below!

1. She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful

From: Haunted Heart (1993)

Kershaw’s only No. 1 hit on the country charts, the tender ballad finds him telling the girl he loves how beautiful she is even though she doesn’t realize it. “She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful” topped both the country charts of Canada and the United States, where it charted for twenty amazing weeks.

2. Queen of My Double Wide Trailer

From: Haunted Heart (1993)

Written by renowned songwriter Dennis Linde, the song tells the story of a man living in a double-wide who worries he’ll lose his lover to a guy named Earl. “Queen of My Double Wide Trailer” was well-loved by country audiences, reaching No. 7 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart.

3. Cadillac Style

From: Don’t Go Near the Water (1992)

Released as Kershaw’s debut single, “Cadillac Style” was truly a breakout hit. It tells the story of a man who may not have a lot of nice things but still puts on a big smile on his face because his “little baby loves me Cadillac style.”

4. National Working Woman’s Holiday

From: Feelin’ Good Train (1994)

Released as the lead-off single from his third studio album, the song tells the story of a husband who believes his wife is working a little too hard, so he thought there should be a “national working woman’s holiday” she can enjoy.

5. Third Rate Romance

From: Feelin’ Good Train (1994)

Kershaw tells a not so meaningful affair in “Third Rate Romance.” It tells the story of a man and a woman meeting at a restaurant. The two leave together for what seemed to be a one-night stand at a cheap motel.

6. Love of My Life

From: Labor of Love (1997)

Kershaw sings about truthful love and faith that would move you to tears as he delivered “Love of My Life” with authentic emotion. In it, the man tells his lover that she is the love of his life and the reason that he’s alive.

7. Anywhere but Here

From: Don’t Go Near the Water (1991)

The heartbreaking ballad finds Kershaw getting a bus ticket to leave town after he discovers his lover was fooling around with another man. It comes with a music video featuring NASCAR driver Mark Martin and his pit crew.

8. I Can’t Reach Her Anymore

From: Haunted Heart (1993)

Is there even sadder than trying to bring back the good old days and rekindle a relationship? Many would surely relate to “I Can’t Reach Her Anymore” as Kershaw expressed his desire to win his former lover back.

9. Meant to Be

From: Politics, Religion and Her (1996)

Kershaw celebrates the joys of a love that is meant to be in the first single from his album Politics, Religion and Her. The song peaked at No. 5 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart.

10. Matches

From: Labor of Love (1997)

Perhaps one of the most interesting songs in Kershaw’s catalog. It tells the story of a man who met a woman at a bar. He lit her cigarette with a book of matches, which he later used to burn down the bar where they first met.

11. Better Than I Used to Be

From: Better Than I Used to Be (2010)

This song is absolutely one of Kershaw’s most underrated tunes. It was released from the album of the same name, but it did not enter the charts. Tim McGraw later covered it in 2011.

12. Haunted Heart

From: Haunted Heart (1993)

“Haunted Heart” is one of the most successful hits during Kershaw’s early career, showcasing his knack for storytelling. It peaked at No. 9 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart. 

13. Honky Tonk America

From: Labor of Love (1997)

Written by songwriter Bob McDill, “Honky Tonk America” pays tribute to the place that helped blue-collar workers make it through after “a long hard day, a long hard life.”

14. Yard Sale

From: Don’t Go Near the Water (1992)

Released as the third single from Kershaw’s debut album, the song depicts a garage sale done after putting a house on sale, which symbolized for a failed relationship.

15. Vidalia

From: Politics, Religion and Her (1996)

Wrapping up this list with “Vidalia.” Like most of Kershaw’s love songs, it comes with twists and turns that will keep you hooked.

More Sammy Kershaw Songs That Brought Him To Stardom

There are still so many more hits of Sammy Kershaw that deserve your attention. Keep on scrolling below to find out.

  • Maybe Not Tonight
  • If You’re Gonna Walk, I’m Gonna Crawl
  • Southbound
  • Politics, Religion and Her
  • Fit to Be Tied Down
  • I Want My Money Back
  • One Day Left to Live
  • Me and Maxine
  • When You Love Someone
  • He Drinks Tequila

So, which among these Sammy Kershaw songs are your favorite?


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