April 30

The Special Story Behind Blake Shelton’s Austin Debut Number One

Blake Shelton’s Austin, which was the singer’s debut single from his self-titled album, is celebrating its 20th anniversary since being released in 2001. Not only that, but it also hit number one right off the gate, making it one of the most memorable Blake Shelton songs in his entire catalogue. 

The country superstar recently shared what made that number one hit even more special. According to Blake Shelton, he happened to be at his mom’s home in Ada, Oklahoma when his record label and the promotions staff called him to congratulate on his hit. 

That was the week that his album was coming out, so he had to do some in-store autograph signings, which were popular back in the day during album releases. The label sent him to his hometown Walmart or Hastings to autograph albums as people were buying it. And despite having to do all these signings of his new record throughout the US, Shelton admitted that he was happy that he was in his hometown when the song hit number one. He also added that it actually made it even more special. 

Austin was co-written by David Kent and Kirsti Manna and produced by Bobby Braddock, who spilled some secrets behind the song. According to Braddock, Shelton did not immediately get into the song, saying that the song wasn’t macho enough for him. The label also initially decided All Over Me to be Shelton’s debut song. But Braddock eventually convinced everyone. 

He shared that he had his female artist friends listen to the song because he prioritizes female opinion over males with a record. He added that the demographics show that there are more females who listen to the radio and also buy records. And every single one of them said they shed a tear listening to Austin, which was about a long-lost love song back in the heyday of answering machines and landlines. 

Last April 18 during the 2021 ACM Awards, Blake Shelton revisited his 20-year-old hit who reigned for five weeks on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart back in 2001. He also performed his new song, Minimum Wageas a gift to his fans. You can watch Blake Shelton’s Austin music video to take you back in time. Or you can watch him reminisce in the video below. 


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