March 23

8 Fast Facts About Kenny Rogers’ Wife, Wanda Miller

The country music icon Kenny Rogers has died at the age of 81. Not only will his fans miss the hall-of-fame singer but also his wife, Wanda Miller, and his five kids.

Country music legend Kenny Rogers‘ spouse Wanda Miller Rogers has been by his side for almost three decades. The way they met and lived together for more than 20 years is straight out of a fairytale and will be remembered by the world for many years to come. They have built a beautiful life together and are proud parents of identical teenage twin boys, Jordan and Justin.

Here are eight facts about Kenny Rogers’ spouse, Wanda Miller.

1. Wanda Miller was born in Lowndes County, GA.
2. Wanda was born in 1967. She is currently 53 years old.
3. Wanda and Kenny were married in 1997 and have been together since then.
4. Kenny and Wanda met in Atlanta when the singer was out for a blind date at a restaurant where Wanda worked as a hostess.
5. Wanda Rogers is 28 years younger than Kenny.
6. It took a while for Wanda’s parents to approve of Kenny Rogers.
7. Kenny Rogers & Wanda Miller Have Twin Boys, Jordan, and Justin.
8. Miller’s first marriage ended in 1994, and Rogers had four ex-wives.


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