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Watch This Rare Interview of Waylon Jennings Where He Showed His Funny Side

funny interview of Waylon Jennings

Waylon Jennings is one of the fiercest honky-tonk heroes within the outlaw country movement, but on some occasions, he never failed to show his funny side. Just like this old interview recorded on June 4, 1983, during the US Festival.

The country legend discussed everything from his career and songs, performing under the spotlight to the entire Nashville music scene. When asked what’s the latest news on Nashville, he jokingly remarked singer-songwriter Charlie Daniels selling snuff. “It’s rolling along just about like it was, tripping over themselves and then some somebody accidentally every once in a while doing something fantastic,” he said.

Waylon Jennings also expressed how festivals have always been a good time though he admitted that it’s often a little distracting to sing with all the crowd going wild, and “especially when the girls start taking their clothes.”

The US Festival lasted over two weekends and was billed as “Country Day.” Jennings performed together with iconic artists like Willie Nelson, Alabama, Hank Williams, Jr., and Emmylou Harris. His performance and other Waylon Jennings songs were among the event’s many highlights. 

Watch the interview in the video below, and you will definitely be able to tell that Jennings is one true outlaw.