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Behind The Song “I Lived It,” One Of Blake Shelton’s Top Hit

After the album’s lead single “I’ll Name the Dogs,” and the song “At the House,” “I Lived It” was the third Texoma Shore song to be published. It was made available digitally three days before the album’s official release date on October 31, 2017. On NBC’s TODAY Show that day, Blake Shelton gave the song its debut live performance. It became Texoma Shore’s second single on January 29, 2018, and a music video was released on March 2.

Of all Blake Shelton’s Songs, “I Lived It” might be the finest tune on the record and sticks out to everyone. According to him, it’s one of the best tunes he has ever had the opportunity to record. It’s difficult to listen to this song without relating to it, having it transport you back in time, and falling in love with it.

This song is meant to represent his early experiences with his family and how those experiences shaped who he is now. As you become older, you learn to love what you have or had. Many people may recall happy times spent with their families, others from high school, or just about anything else that comes to mind.

He’s telling you that the only way he can experience his childhood is through the memories that go through his head, and that the only way you could grow to appreciate those memories is if you share them, which contributes to the overall mood of the song.

We wished Blake Shelton‘s top hit would have remained as a part of his discography rather than seeming to come and go. “I Lived It” is one of his better later songs because it ventures into the unfamiliar, melancholy ground for a vocalist who frequently sings about love and love gone.

In the video below, Blake Shelton’s song “I Lived It” is played as a salute to his career. Look it up!


Blake Shelton

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