April 24

Nicole Kidman Yearns for her Adopted Children


Being a mother is one of the best feelings a woman can ever have. Further, it’s priceless to see your kids being on the right path while they are growing. And it’s an achievement if you will be able to guide them as they walk through the path of life. Anyway, there are instances when parents will not be able to perform these duties. Nicole Kidman, for example, yearns for her adopted kids because she was not able to see them grow. When she and Tom Cruise got divorced, her rights over her kids were taken away from her because that is the rule of Scientology, her former religion.

Nicole Kidman, keith Urban, Tom cruise
Photo Credits: Nicole Kidman/ Official Facebook Home Page

Even though Nicole Kidman is now happy with the country singer Keith Urban, she still misses her adopted kids. Furthermore, it seems that she still wanted to bond and communicate with them. This only shows that Kidman has strong maternal instincts towards them.

Nicole Kidman and her Pain

Seventeen years have passed after Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise got divorced. Now, she has two kids, Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret, with Keith Urban. Kidman was able to find peace and happiness with Urban. But, it seems that there is still one thing missing in her life as a mother. That’s her relationship with her adopted kids, Connor and Isabella, with Cruise. Due to her divorce and withdrawal from Scientology, she became estranged from her children. They were forced to avoid her and to cut every communication with her.

Nicole Kidman, keith urban, tom cruise
Photo Credits: Nicole Kidman/Official Facebook Home Page

The Painful Decision

If there is anything that breaks her heart, it’s the fact that Nicole Kidman is not able to see her adopted children again and become a mother to them. In spite of this, it was reported that she met her daughter Isabella and son-in-law in 2016. This can be a good sign that Kidman is rekindling her relationship with her kids.


keith urban, nicole kidman, Tom Cruise

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