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Find Out Why Ram Ranch Lyrics Are Making Everyone Intrigued

Ram Ranch lyrics

Along with its iconic 80s drum intro, the opening to Ram Ranch lyrics that go “18 naked cowboys in the showers at Ram Ranch!” are sure enough to get everyone’s head turning. 

The hard rock song with over-the-top sexual lyrics of homosexual cowboy erotica first became popular on the interactive live streaming service, Twitch, where it was used as a way to troll Bait and Switch video.

The Risqué Side Of Cowboys Nashville Refused To Play

“Ram Ranch” is a song by Grant MacDonald, a Canadian-based musician, director, actor, adult film producer, and NSFW book author – who released it in 2012. 

But it was not recognized online until many years later, when Twitch streamer Ice Poseidon introduced the song, and his fans started requesting for it on his song requests channel. Soon enough, other streamers were uploading a video of themselves playing the controversial track, which then gained over a hundred thousand views. 

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Meanwhile, Grant MacDonald began releasing multiple other videos for the song starting in 2017. These videos were randomly given with numbers – though it wasn’t related to the version, it sure did carry out the over-the-top sexual lyrics. And out of these, Ram Ranch 7 is perhaps the most popular one, which is now about 18 US Mqaarines invading Ram Ranch.

MacDonald, who is a big fan of country music, revealed that Nashville refused to play “Ram Ranch” because “they were about guys.” 

While the music world is not necessarily receptive to his overtly sexual choice of songs, MacDonald noted that he would just like to have fun. “There’s no question I love having fun with the risqué side of the cowboys,” he said, adding that after all, it’s his risqué overtone that gained him fans all over the world. “I hope they start listening to it the way that they’re meant to be listened to.”

You can check out Ram Ranch below.