January 21

Remember Jason Castro’s Brilliant Version of “Hallelujah?”

Here’s to hoping for more of the likes of Jason Castro to rise in our time.


Remember Jason Castro from American Idol Season 7? Bet he was one of your favorite candidates and have been following him since. That said, today’s a good time to relive his award-winning performance of Leonard Cohen’s song, “Hallelujah.”


The buzz says that this Jason Castro act was influential to boost Jeff Buckley’s cover of “Hallelujah.” On April 22, 2008, his single was certified gold and platinum. Reportedly, Buckley owed his first No. 1 song to Castro.

Bits About “Dreadlocks” Jason Castro

Besides possessing a charming face and an angelic voice, Jason’s “dreadlocks” is an immortal topic among his fans. As per source, Jason had them since senior high, but eventually had it cut it in 2014.


Jason was born and raised in Texas. His parents, however, were Colombian natives. He has 2 siblings who are also musical in nature. Later, they teamed-up and formed their own band named, “Castro.”

On screen, he has been active from 2007 to date. After American Idol, TV appearances, and concert tours, Jason began writing and releasing singles with Atlantic Records. Between 2010 and 2013, Jason has released three albums: “Jason Castro” (2010), “Who I Am” (2010), and “Only a Mountain” (2013). He also appeared in films including “The Perfect Summer” (2012) and “Jason Castro:The Perfect Tour” (2015).

Open About His Faith

Since 2008, Jason Castro’s a voice for the Christian community when he joined the “I Am Second campaign” in Dallas. His second album ,”Only a Mountain” is his way of sending Jesus’ message out to the public. Unlike other budding singers who merely use the label “Christian” to pad their profiles, Jason has been walking the talk. Still shy but sincere, his songs got the substance that are worth hearing in this time of fad and noise.



Jason Castro

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