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Love is in the Air with Anne Murray’s “Just Another Woman In Love”

“Just Another Woman In Love”

American record producer Jim Ed Norman produced this song. Canadian country artist Anne Murray recorded the song and was released in March 1984 as the eighth single from her album, A Little Good News.

The album ranked number 9 on the Billboard Top Country Album and quickly became certified gold awarded by the Recording Industry Association of America.

Just Another Woman In Love, Anne Murray
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This song was Murray’s eighth number 1 hit released on the Billboard’s Country singles. Upon its release, the song stayed 20 weeks on the US Country chart and ranked number 10 on the US Adult Contemporary chart.

In addition, Anne Murray became the first Canadian female artist to reach on the U.S. chart and to win Album of the Year at CMAA.

The Song’s Theme

Love, Anne Murray
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“Just Another Woman In Love” describes the beauty of a woman when falling in love. It also defines a woman’s strong feeling to the one they admire the most. Also, this song exactly suits anyone who is in love regardless of the gender they have.

Many country fans, especially women, still get attracted by the lyrics and melody of the song. Nowadays, the song is still being played on the radio stations, music televisions over and over again and is considered as a timeless ballad.

In addition, the words in the song are sincere and realistic definitions of a true love story and its melody will also bring you to tears.

Each love story has its own stories behind. Some stories happen in churches, community gatherings, school, or at work. For us humans, we easily get attracted to someone when someone treats us well, especially for us women who always like to be treated like a queen.

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