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Sammy Kershaw and his No.1 Single “She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful”

Sammy Kershaw and his No.1 Single “She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful” 1

Sammy Kershaw rose to prominence back in the 90s. Country music obsessives embraced him due to his passionate performances and songs. In fact, his debut album was certified platinum as well as his follow-up albums. He started recording songs in 1991. Also, he produced singles that topped the charts. However, they didn’t place at number one. Not until he recorded and released “She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful.” It became his very first number one single on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart then. With this, let’s remember Sammy Kershaw’s fame through his number one single.

Moreover, Sammy Kershaw was considered the fastest rising country artists back then. Since his debut, his songs and album were heartily appreciated by music supporters. He continued recording songs that topped the country charts.

She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful…

Paul Harrison and Bob McDill wrote the words and lyrics of “She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful.” Sammy Kershaw recorded and released the song in February 1993. Additionally, the song was part of his album “Haunted Heart.” It was considered as the most successful single by Sammy Kershaw since it has reached number one on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. It even placed at number twenty one on the U.S Billboard Hot Country Songs.

Sammy Kershaw and his No.1 Single “She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful” 2

Sammy Kershaw, as a teenager, began his career by an opening acts to legends such as Ray Price, Merle Haggard, and George Jones. A young promising star is dreaming of being one of the best in the country music scene.

Then, one of his demonstration tapes made its way to Mercury Records. The label signed him a contract and released his debut album “Don’t Go Near The Water.” It was widely accepted and even certified platinum. He then released more singles and albums.

Sammy Kershaw and his No.1 Single “She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful” 3

In his career, he has released sixteen studio albums. Those albums were certified platinum and gold by RIAA. More than twenty-five of his singles have reached Top ten on the Billboard. Sammy Kershaw is famous for his single “She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful.”

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