December 18

Jeff Carson Showcased The Power of a Father’s Love In The Song “The Car”

In 1995, country music artist Jeff Carson released “The Car” as the third single from his debut album Jeff Carson. The song not only reached No. 3 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks, but it has touched so many hearts.

It quickly resonated with many fans as it speaks to the power of a father’s love

This Father and Son Song Will Surely Touch Your Heart

Written by C. Michael Spriggs and Gary Heyde, “The Car” tells the tale of a young man whose mother had just passed away and was sadly left with his workaholic father. 

One day, when he and his father were driving, the boy spotted an old, beat-up Ford Mustang. He wanted to fix the car up with his father and make it new again even though he doesn’t need it – the truth is, he just wanted to spend some time with the old man. Unfortunately, they don’t have the money to do it. 

Years went by, and eventually, his father died. He received an extremely basic will, and at the bottom of the envelope, he found much to his surprise: the keys to the Mustang.

“It’s not the car you’re needin’, but it’s my chance to be with you. I hope you understand I always did the best that I could do. So little time, and we spent way too much apart. Now there will always be a part of us together in that car. Yes, there will always be a part of us,” his father wrote in a note.

Billboard positively reviewed the song, praising Carson’s “warm, affecting voice” at the same time calling it “one of the most powerfully moving songs released this year.” 

Indeed, “The Car” is one of the best dedications to fathers and sons’ complicated and beautiful relationships. After all, having a father, or being a father or a stepfather, the familiar bonds of fatherhood can be joyous.

“The Car” was Carson’s one of his fourteen singles that charted the Billboard country charts since he retired in 2009 and became a police officer. Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and raised in Gravette, Arkansas, Carson spent his childhood playing harmonica and guitar and singing in church. 

In high school, Carson and some of his friends formed a band and managed to win second place at a local talent show. After graduating, the aspiring singer moved on to another talent competition held at a park in Rogers, Arkansas. The winner of that competition asked Carson to play in his band, which he did for four years until the band split up.

Finally, in late 1994, Carson made his debut and managed to release three albums in a career that spans fifteen years.

In 1996, Carson won the Academy of Country Music Video of the Year for “The Car.” You can watch it below.


Jeff Carson

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