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Here are Some Facts About The Humble Beginning of Jeff Carson 

Jeff Carson was one of the new country music artists who was able to double up the mass success of the genre in the early ’90s – thanks to his massive hit, his eponymous first album. With such real talent and a beautiful, emotional voice, Carson managed to chart fourteen singles until his retirement in 2019 to become a law enforcement officer.

Now, let’s get to know the man behind the famous songs “Not On Your Love” and “The Car.” Here are some facts about Jeff Carson.

1. He’s a native of Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

Jeff Carson, whose real name is Jeffrey Lee Herndon, was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on December 16, 1963. However, he was raised in the small Arkansas town of Gravette.

2. He fell in love with music at an early age. 

As a child, Carson would sing in church. Harmonica and guitar were the first instruments he first learned to play.

3. He was in high school when he first joined a band. 

Carson and his high school friends formed a band to join a talent show in their very own school – where they performed the Eagles’ “Seven Bridges Road” and finished second place. It was at this very moment that Carson realized that a musical career was something he wanted to pursue.

4. It was his wife who convinced Carson to decamp at Nashville. 

The aspiring singer moved to Branson, Missouri, in the hopes of honing his skills and launching his career. He would play in local bands and began writing his own songs. It was there he met his wife, Kim Cooper, who persuaded Carson to move to Music City.

5. He’s a father of one. 

Carson and Kim Cooper, who married in 1989, have one son together – Dayton Grei Herndon Carson.

6. He sang on demo tapes for various companies. 

Once in Nashville, he recorded demos for several country artists. This includes Tim McGraw, Reba McEntire, Tracy Byrd, Faith Hill, Mark Wills, Diamond Rio, and more.

7. He was discovered by top Nashville record producer Chuck Howard. 

We would not have heard Jeff Carson songs if it wasn’t for Howard, who helped the singer land his first recording contract in 1995. Carson was working at a band that played at the Opryland Hotel before persuading the establishment to book him as a solo act when he met Howard.

8. He once suffered from a broken vertebra. 

In 2002, Carson had a sledding accident at home. While he spent some time in a body cast, he was not critically injured.

9. He retired from music in 2009. 

Carson stepped away from the limelight to become a law enforcement officer with Franklin Police Department in Williamson County, Tennessee.

10. He had a brief comeback. 

In 2019, Carson returned to music and released a previously recorded single, “God Save The World.” He also gained a recording contract and was recording an album that’s supposed to be released later this year. The record comprises duets with Mark Wills, Craig Morgan, among others.

Sadly, Jeff Carson’s publicist announced his death on March 26, 2022. He died of a heart attack at a hospital in Franklin, Tennessee. While he may no longer be with us, we will never forget him as one of the most talented country artists who ever graced the genre. 


Jeff Carson

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