October 4

Teachers’ Day Special: They are Heroes in Disguise

The perfect country song to thank our teachers hasn’t been written yet, but we still managed to find a song to dedicate to them and thank them on Teachers’ Day. Without our teachers, we could not be where we are today. They shaped us into the person we are right now, and we have learned a lot from them. We learn things that are useful and we also learn some things from the stories they shared with us. Thank you to all the teachers who worked hard and cared for the future of their children. We salute y’all!

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Happy Teachers’ Day. Photo via Getty Images/ bbc.com

Here are some reasons why we should be grateful to our teachers this Teachers’ Day:

1. They Have Longer Patience

Having long patience is something difficult to maintain especially in irritating situations, but most teachers are able to keep their calm. Some teachers are also patient enough to teach their students, especially those who are quite difficult to manage. Without our teachers’ patience, we might end up not having anyone to teach us what we need.

2. They Want Us to Succeed

Teachers exist to mold their students’ futures. Their end goal is to see their students walk on stage and receive their diploma, to go to a good university, and to have a nice career. A very dedicated teacher wants to see their student succeed in life because seeing them have a bright future only reflects who they are as a teacher. If their students succeed, they succeed too.

3. They Treat Us like Their Children

Like our parents, our teachers act like them. They are our second parents, guiding us, and leading us in the right direction. They may not be related to us but their love and care show that they see us like their child.

4. They Understand Us

We think that most teachers are strict and they don’t get us, but the truth is our beloved teachers do understand us. If we learn to communicate well with them and share or ask for help, they are willing to offer a hand.

Therefore, this Teachers’ Day, don’t forget to say thank you to all your teachers, regardless if they are your most or least favorite ones. Be grateful that they are willing to hand down the knowledge that they know to you.

Here’s a wonderful song to thank them for all their hard work because our teachers are also a hero in disguise.


Jamie O'Neal

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