October 11

The Feeling of Wanting Everything Back to The Way it Was – “Crazy In Love,” Conway Twitty’s Last Chart-Topping Song

Conway Twitty is no stranger when it comes to sentimental songs – “Crazy In Love,” “It’s Only Make Believe,” “Next in Line,” and “Hello Darling” are just a few of his ballads about love.

He is no stranger to being a chart-topper, either. In fact, throughout his career, he has garnered a whooping 53 country chart-topping Conway Twitty songs! That is definitely a feat to be proud of.

“Crazy In Love,” for one, is considered to be his last chart-topping song. At first glance, the title might give the feeling of being sentimental about a loved one – and in a way, it does. However, it is deeper than that.

Written by Even Stevens and Randy McCormick, this song is a painful call to wanting everything back the way it was. It was a desperate plea to be back to a time when both of them were so in love that a simple touch could get both of them “high.”

The song had been through quite a journey before falling into the hands of Conway Twitty. Joe Cocker was the first to record the song as a part of his 1984 album called “Civilized Man.” American pop artist Kim Carnes then recorded her version in 1988, which she included as a second single on her “View from the House” album from that same year. It peaked at number 13 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart and number 68 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart.

Kenny Rogers released his own covers of the song for his album “Love Is Strange,” which is also a chart-topper, peaking at number 9 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart.

Of course, Conway Twitty had released his version as well. His version was included in his first full-length album in 1990 courtesy of MCA Records. It peaked at number 4 on the Canada Country Tracks chart, and at number 2 on the US Hot Country Songs chart.

Based on available data, Conway Twitty’s version of “Crazy In Love” peaked the highest among all covers and renditions made of the song. And for a reason–his emotions really seeped through the song, that you can’t help but feel about the times past.

Listen to the ballad below.


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