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Tune In To These 10 Hit Songs By Country Music Band Diamond Rio 

Diamond Rio Songs

The country music band Diamond Rio is renowned for exceptional vocal performances and timeless classics. They’re a gem in the genre, one of the few self-contained bands who play and sing every note on their songs in every album. Their tireless commitment to their craft translated into success – charting singles including 7 number ones and winning awards such as Vocal Group for the Year six times.

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For this list, we picked all of their hit songs. If it’s your first time with them, then this would definitely be the best introduction. With that said, let’s hit it. 

1. “How Your Love Makes Me Feel”

From: Greatest Hits (1997)

This multi-week chart-topper was released as the first single off their 1997 album Greatest Hits. And it was, indeed, a great hit.

It’s a love song, but not your typical love song. When asked how their partner’s love made them feel, they didn’t answer with a poetic line or a hallmark greeting card kind of remark. Instead, they described their honest feelings through mundane moments. After all, love doesn’t need to be fancy to be true and special. 

2. “Walkin’ Away”

From: IV (1995)

The lead-off single from their 1995 album IV, this track nabbed a top 2 peak on the charts. And deservingly so. While it’s a simple track, the message carries a heavy impact. And that is, staying in a relationship is a choice to do so every day. “Love don’t get nowhere walkin’ away.”

3. “Holdin’”

From: IV (1996)

This track off the same album as “Walkin’ Away” was released as its fourth and final single, earning a spot on the chart’s top 5. And it’s all about love — again. This time, though, it takes on the narrative of a young couple in the different phases of their life, from two lovers holding each other at the back of the car to getting married and finally becoming parents. No matter how difficult it gets, they hold on to their love. 

The best part about this song is how contagious the chorus gets; you’d find yourselves singing along to it.

4. “Meet In the Middle”

From: Diamond Rio (1991)

Before “How Your Love Makes Me Feel,” there was “Meet In the Middle.” It was the band’s first-ever number-one hit; impressively, it was also their debut single. 

It’s the original love song in their discography, the template of their later releases like “Holdin’” and “Walkin’ Away.” It’s the kind of song that’s so good you can’t help but love it – even if you don’t like country or listen to it at all. 

5. “Unbelievable”

From: Unbelievable (1998)

The title track from their 1998 album Unbelievable earned them their first entry to the Billboard Hot 100. It’s an easy, fun song with a frisky and infectious sound paired with a catchy, rapid-fire chorus that their lead vocalist, Roe, handled with so much ease. Trust us, it’ll get your foot tappin’ to the beat, and soon enough, you’ll be on the dance floor having the time of your life. 

6. “Beautiful Mess”

From: Completely (2002)

Another chart-topper, this song is the soundtrack of all those who have fallen in love and found themselves in a disarray of thoughts, misfunctioning. According to their bassist Dana Williams, this song was a different-sounding song for them. 

“Even along the lines of Jimmy’s guitar, a type of guitar we have never had in a song,” he said. Nevertheless, critics reviewed it favorably, calling it “the next slice of excellence.”

7. “One More Day”

From: One More Day (2000)

This song was the band’s third number-one hit on the country chart. “One More Day” gained popularity after the NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt’s death, and when it fell out of the charts, it received heavy recurrent rotation after September 11. That is because it sang of a simple wish to get one more day with the person they loved, a fitting tribute.

8. “Love a Little Stronger”

From: Love a Little Stronger (1994)

The lead single and title track of their same-titled album, “Love a Little Stronger,” is about a man’s commitment to try harder, love stronger, and dig a little deeper to show his woman that she meant everything to him. As fans said, this one’s the anthem for all the long-time married couples who always strive to keep the flame of love going. 

9. “Oh Me, Oh My, Sweet Baby”

From: Close to the Edge (1993)

Originally recorded by George Strait, Diamond Rio’s rendition of “Oh Me, Oh My Sweet Baby” stayed close to the original. The band nailed every aspect of the song, from the vocals down to the instrumentals. It’s like you’re listening to Strait but in a band version, making it a bit more fun. 

10. “Mirror, Mirror”

From: Diamond Rio (1991)

This song about heartbreak from their debut album stands the test of time. It’s the perfect track to listen in to on a rainy Sunday afternoon when you’re all heartbroken just to completely feel the feels and have a good cry. 

Over the years, Diamond Rio’s songs have evolved from the neotraditionalist country music with country rock and bluegrass influences to pop-oriented ballads. And while these top 10 hits we picked came from their early discography, they still have a long list of great songs in store for you to tune in to. Don’t miss out on it. 

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