November 11

The Best Country Songs About Clouds That Resemble Your Thoughts

They say, “clouds in the sky very much resemble the thoughts in our minds.” So, it was no surprise to find quite a few country songs about clouds that could perfectly describe what you feel right now – whether you’re on cloud nine as life seems perfect or you’re struck by a dark cloud, experiencing grief and loss.

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1. “Blue Clear Sky” by George Strait

The song’s catchy lyrics blended with Strait’s melodic introduction is enough to have you tapping your toes right away! 

Country music songwriter Bob DiPiero wrote “Blue Clear Sky,” which title was inspired by Tom Hanks’ line in the hit film Forrest Gump. DiPiero said, “Just that little turn of phrase stuck in my head,” adding that it was a song of how love seems challenging to find, and then out of the blue, you come across it.

2. “Amarillo Sky” by Jason Aldean

Peaking at No. 4 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart, the song finds Aldean singing about a farmer who works on his family’s farm near Amarillo, Texas. He endured various hardships such as droughts, damaging hailstorm, and diesel price increase. In the end, he prays to God that the farm will remain workable.

3. “Clouds” by Montgomery Gentry

Eddie Montgomery wrote this poignant ballad for those he has lost. It tells the tale of a man who wonders whenever he stares up at the clouds, curious if his loved ones who passed away are also looking down. It’s a tune meant for healing, remembrance, and love.

4. “Behind the Clouds” by Brad Paisley

Life is challenging indeed but weathering the storm is a part of life. After all, there’s always comfort after each struggle. Paisley gives a beautiful reminder that “behind the clouds, the sun is shining, believe me even though you can’t quite make it out.”

5. “Blue Sky” by The Allman Brothers Band

Dickey Betts, The Allman Brothers Band’s guitarist, wrote “Blue Sky” about his girlfriend, Sandy “Bluesky” Wabegijig – a woman he would later marry. The song tells the tale of a man who’s head over heels in love with a woman that he compares her to a blue sky and sunny day, bringing light to his life.

6. “I’ll Follow You Up To Our Cloud” by George Jones

Out of Jones’ vast hits, this poignant ballad is among the most incredibly well-written songs with an excellent delivery from Jones. It tells the tale of an elderly man who cannot bear the thought of leaving his wife alone after he dies. So he vows to hold on until it’s her time.

7. “You’re The Cloud I’m On (When I’m High)” by George Strait

Falling in love is truly a heavenly feeling – it’s always exciting, overwhelming, and equally surreal for all. And nobody knows that better than Strait, who sings about a woman’s sweet love, taking his soul flying to the sky.

8. “Meet Me Half Way” by Kenny Loggins

Now, how about meeting your lover by all odds, even if it’s across the sky? Loggins proves his true love in “Meet Me Half Way,” as he believes that “we are stronger when we are given love.” It’s absolutely one of the many songs about the sky that would touch your heart.

9. “Cloudy Days” by Waylon Jennings

Everyone goes through tough times, but apparently, some days are a lot harder than others. That’s what Jennings went through when the woman he loves left him all alone. It got him asking, “dark cloud hangin’ over me when will it go away?”

10. “Blue Skies” by Willie Nelson

Meanwhile, Nelson sees nothing but blue skies smiling at him in this 1978 country No. 1 hit – even bluebirds started singing a song. This is one of many popular songs whose lyrics use a “bluebird of happiness” as a symbol of good spirits.

It is truly amazing how songs with clouds in the lyrics expressed different emotions. Now, which among these tunes are your favorites?


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