November 21

Hank Williams III Showed Off Outlaw Attitude on “Crazed Country Rebel”

Whatever shackles previously held Hank Williams III, they were entirely broken on the studio album he released in 2006 – called Straight to Hell – where he revels in profanity and glorious depravity. This includes the truly rebellious “Crazed Country Rebel,” where Williams III raised a solid middle finger in the face of the immaculately clean image of modern country music with its narratives of drugs and drifting.

Hank Williams III Translates His Legacy Without Apology

Written by Hank Williams III himself, “Crazed Country Rebel” tells the journey of a drug-crazed man who was drifting from one state to another while he smoked morphine until it knocked him off his feet. Now, he’s starting to wonder if he had too much – not only with drugs but as well as with sin.

“I’m gonna live it to the fullest like I’m on ten. And I love gettin’ high – hate bein’ low. And I’m always about stayin’ on this road. And I’m workin’ real hard, tryin’ to get paid. ‘Cause I’m a crazed country rebel, and I’m driftin’ state to state,” the song goes.

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Straight to Hell was the first country album to bear a Parental Advisory sticker on it. For the easily offended, a clean version of the album was released, where “Crazed Country Rebel” as well as the lascivious “Dick in Dixie” were deleted.

Other songs by Hank Williams III from his Straight to Hell studio album are “Country Heroes,” “My Drinkin’ Problem,” and “Not Everybody Likes Us.”

Anyway, you can listen to Hank Williams III’s “Crazed Country Rebel” by playing the video below. This really explains why he is being called an outlaw, a free spirit, and a whole lot more.


Hank Williams III

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