October 5

Ain’t Seen ‘Nothing Like You,’ Says Luke Combs to Nicole Hocking

Every once in a while we hear people around us go for a change of pace, something to twist up their life and bring back the thrill not experienced in their normal routine. While some paces are reversible, some pick to risk these for eternity like one of our notable country singer Luke Combs who married his best friend and long time partner in crime, Nicole Hocking. If you want to see changes, well, don’t forget that he’s the one who wrote the hit song ‘Beer Never Broke My Heart’, now transitioning vibes like in ‘Nothing Like You’

No View Better than You

‘Nothing Like You’ was actually written way before quarantine and Comb’s wedding. It was greatly inspired by Nicole Hocking who, at that time, is his romantic partner. Combs wrote it as he goes over some music tours and concerts while Nicole patiently waits for his return in their place.

The song’s perspective is more on storytelling. Luke talks about all the wonderful views he’d seen, the ‘mountains over Tennessee’, the ‘Carolina sky that is so blue’, but despite all these, he claims that they are all nothing compared to the sight of the person he loves and how greatly he misses her.

Going Through Relationship Hurdles

In an album interview, Combs also revealed the other side of the coin. Not only was ‘Nothing Like You’ about the oozing feelings he has for his love partner, but it is also about his life as a touring artist and how it greatly tests his relationship with Nicole.

He explained that in order for their relationship to work, she had to leave her 40-hour work just to be with him, and Luke knows how it tolls on Nicole. But the hard part is that he couldn’t be with her all the time because of the tours, so he had no other option but to solace in the fact that he’d always make his way back to her.

‘Nothing Like You’ is featured in Luke Combs’ upcoming album, ‘What You See Ain’t Always What You Get’ which will be out on October 23rd.

Sure, the virus brings a pace changing experience for all of us, but if you remember recently, Luke and Nicole already got married in lockdown and a grand one before he attends the ACM Awards. 2020 is not the best year but what is good is that in simple ways, things work out as planned. For the now-married couple, no more beautiful views, as they already got each other’s back.


Luke Combs, Nicole Hocking

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