October 10

George Jones Sings Heavenly Rendition of “How Beautiful Heaven Must Be”

In 2003, George Jones released his version of the beautiful gospel, “How Beautiful Heaven Must Be.” It was part of his 58th studio album called The Gospel Collection.

Jones’ decision to record the album is said to have been inspired by his near-fatal crash in 1999 when he ran his SUV off the road while driving drunk. The crash became a significant turning point, as Jones explained to Billboard in 2006. He said, “…when I had that wreck I made up my mind, it put the fear of God in me. No more smoking, no more drinking.”

The album peaked at No. 19 on the Billboard country albums chart and No. 3 on the Billboard Christian albums chart.

A Song About A Special Home That Is Being Prepared For Us

“How Beautiful Heaven Must Be” is a song that tells the beauty of an eternal home where “there shall be no more death, and the Lamb is the light.”

“How beautiful heaven must be. Sweet home of the happy and free. Fair haven of rest for the weary, how beautiful heaven must be. In heaven, no drooping nor pining, no wishing for elsewhere to be. God’s light is forever, there shining. How beautiful heaven must be,” the song goes.

It was written by Mrs. A. S. (Cordie) Bridgewater. Some books just have “A. S. Bridgewater,” and a few older books identify the author as “Rev. A. S. Bridgewater,” indicating a denominational minister. Women have been ministers for many years in many Pentecostal churches, but there is no actual evidence that Mrs. Bridgewater was one, although it could be possible. The tune, on the other hand, was produced by Andy Pickens Bland.

Though we know very little about Mrs. A. S. Bridgewater or the actual writing of “How Beautiful Heaven Must Be,” we can tell that her life experiences and by studying the Bible gave her this hope for a future home. What God has revealed to us in the Bible helped us to be hopeful and gave longing in our hearts for heaven as a special home that has been prepared for us. It will be a place where there will no longer be pain or tears, and it will be where we reunite with our loved ones.

It was no surprise why this song was chosen by George Jones to include in his album. Jones has a lifelong love of gospel music, instilled in him by none other than his mother, named Clara. In fact, Jones’ earliest musical experience was singing in church with his mother, who was a devout Christian. She played piano in their local church, where Jones first learned to play guitar.

Tune in below for George Jones’ heartwarming rendition of “How Beautiful Heaven Must Be” in the video below.


George Jones

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