Ethan Wayne: Meet John Wayne's Son


Arden Lambert


May 22, 2021


May 22, 2021


May 22, 2021

Ethan Wayne is the youngest son of the famed actor, John Wayne. Like his father and some of his brothers and sisters, Ethan became an actor too. He lived an exciting life which can be seen in the things you didn’t know about the son of John Wayne.

He loves the ocean and outdoors

The Big Jake star shares his father’s love for the ocean and outdoor adventures. He grew up in Newport Beach, California, so it’s common for the family to hang out and enjoy the wet side of mother nature.

Ethan is a Pisces

As a Pisces born on February 22, 1962, Ethan Wayne has strengths such as artistic, gentle, wise, compassionate, and intuitive. However, he may have a weakness of being fearful and overly trusting, among others. 

He was a stuntman

He played roles in the same shows with his actor father until his early 20s, but when his father died, the youngest among John Wayne’s children took on a new role as a stuntman in the late ’70s. Currently, his net worth is $3 million from all the works he did and projects he starred on.

Some of his siblings were actors and actresses too

Mary Antonia Wayne LaCava and Michael Wayne are Ethan’s siblings who also shared the limelight. Sharing their father’s passion for acting, they all appeared in American films and television shows. However, Mary withdraws from the glamorous celebrity life when she married and lived a private life until her death in December of 2000.

Ethan is now a successful businessman

As a tribute to his father, the youngest son now manages the John Wayne Enterprises. Ethan also organized the Team DUKE fundraising program when he became the John Wayne Cancer Foundation director.

He had one ex-wife

Gina Rivadenegry married Ethan Wayne in 1989, but the couple divorced the following year of 1990. It was short-lived, so they didn’t have any children, well that is known to the public, that is.

Like his brother Patrick Wayne, Ethan Wayne has started following their father’s fame in the entertainment industry. Not much information is known about Ethan as he leads a private life now. Nevertheless, he has also contributed to shaping American show business just like his father.


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