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Five of the Best Dolly Parton Movies to Watch

Dolly Parton is many things. She is known for being one of the best country singers of all time, a businesswoman, a philanthropist, and an actress. Parton proves that she can be many things, and not in a mediocre way, but better. Since we enjoy her songs and her kindness, why don’t take a look at her acting career?

dolly parton movies
Dolly Parton/ Photo by Julie Sprankles and Brittany Brolley/ Getty Images

Dolly Parton Movies

Here we give you five of the movies Parton was a part of.


Rhinestone is a classic film released in 1984. The movie starred Parton and Sylvester Stallone. Parton plays the role of a woman who wants to get out of her contract from her boss. However, since it’s illegal, she made a wager out of it. She tells her manager that she can turn anyone into a legit country singer. The manager accepted the challenge with the condition that he’ll be the one choosing the person Parton’s going to work with. The manager chooses Stallone’s character (a cab driver who has no talent in singing and who hates country music). What happened next? Well, it’s better if you watch the movie.

The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

This Broadway musical was adapted and turned into a comedy film where Parton plays the role of Miss Mona Stangley, owner of a brothel. Her character has a relationship with Ed Earl Dodd, the Sheriff, played by Burt Reynolds. Her line of business and her lover’s role in the community came into conflict when the town was bashed because of Miss Mona’s business. Parton’s song “I Will Always Love You” appeared on the movie’s soundtrack, and it went to number one again on the chart.

9 to 5

Parton is best known in the movie 9 to 5 where she played one of the main casts of the movie. Parton’s character, together with others, dreamt of getting back on their boss. Issues such as inequality, harassment, and many more were all shown in the film. One of the songs, 9 to 5, in the movie was written by Parton, and it reached number one on the country chart.

Steel Magnolias

This is yet another comedy film that Parton starred in. She played the role of a beautician, and her character also gets all the gossip in town. The story revolves around a group of female friends who are delicate yet tough in life.

Wild Texas Wind

Wild Texas Wind is the only film on our list that’s not a comedy. This 1991 movie starred Parton, Gary Busey, Ray Benson, and Willie Nelson. The film’s plot revolves around a mysterious murder that occurred, where three of the characters in the movie were suspected.

That’s our best Parton movies. What about you what’s your favorite Dolly Parton movie?


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