February 3

Little Girl’s Jaw-Dropping Cover of Willie Nelson’s “Always on My Mind”

Numerous cover versions of Willie Nelson’s hit song “Always on My Mind” were released by many talented singers. However, only a few were stuck in listeners’ minds. And one of these few is made by a talented little girl from the US. At what seems to be a public event, the said 8-year-old girl, Annafaith, belted out the Willie Nelson classic hit in the most captivating way possible. 

In the said cover video, we can see that listeners are enticed by how she delivers each song’s message with such emotions. We are listening to the original version itself. However, some points on the cover make it unique, captivating every listener more with their charm and confidence. 

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There is no doubt that her singing ability was undeniably mature and well beyond her years. As seen in the way she controls her vocals and the grit evident she features in every note is simply jaw-dropping. And there is no question, with a little more practice, she will become one of the most successful singers of the future. 

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Willie Nelson did not originally record the song. Various singers have released their own version of the song throughout the years, and one of those is Willie Nelson in 1982. His version was able to gain success and has helped the song hit the charts peaking at no. 1 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs upon its release. And since then, only a few have been able to record a cover that stuck with many. 

That’s why, if you want to check out Annafaith’s jaw-dropping rendition of Willie Nelson’s “Always on My Mind,” you can check out the performance video below.


Willie Nelson

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