November 27

Rest in Power Hal Ketchum

Hal Ketchum will always be remembered as one of the ‘90s hitmakers/singers/ songwriters that you’ll never grow tired of listening to. Sadly, Ketchum passed away just this November 24, Tuesday.

Even around late last year, fans were still able to witness Hal Ketchum perform. However, the ’90s music legends body caught up to him and his dementia took a toll on his health as reported by his wife.

His battle with Alzheimer’s/dementia was a shocking revelation to the public in 2019. This has been the second time that Ketchum stopped and retired from performing. In 2008, he first decided to call it quits before returning to the stage in 2014. His love for his fans pushed him to perform until he finally reached his limits.

Today, let us take some time to honor one of the greatest ‘90s hitmakers through his own words and tunes.

Past the Point of Rescue

If you are not familiar with the ‘90s music, you probably want to listen first to “Past the Point of Rescue” by Hal Ketchum. Featuring some of the greatest hits like “Small Town Saturday Night,” “Five O’Clock World, ” his final hits in the ‘90s “I Saw the Light” and the title track which reached #2 on the country charts, “Past the Point of Rescue.”

The project was a worldwide collaboration of talent and creativity. This was especially seen in the title track “Past the Point of Rescue.”

One of which was respected Irish songwriter Mick Hanly. He recalled how his song was passed on from America to the hands of Hal Ketchum. In his 2005 book, Hanly recalled that he first went through his Irish friend who happened to be John Prine’s guitarist, Philip Donelly. Donelly later met with Hanly in Nashville through Terrell Tye who was Allen Reynolds’ business partner and Hal Ketchum’s girlfriend at the time.  

Hanly was amazed by the way Ketchum sang his song. For him, it was the best by far. Through the singer’s amazing voice, it helped Hanly plow through his own furrow of emotions. It was something he’d always be grateful for as long as he lives.

Other Hits

Hal Ketchum was undoubtedly a hitmaker since day one. His very first single “Small Town Saturday Night” peaked at No. 2 and became his signature song.

Ketchum’s impact was seen through the support that the community has offered to him during his fight over dementia. In February, it was known to everyone that Texas’ Gruene Hall did a live stream to support the health care of the country music legend.

Hal Ketchum has not just touched lives with the ones he worked with but also to the generation that followed. Without dispute, this legend has also left a marked in the country music industry that won’t be easily forgotten.


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