February 15

Country Music’s Classic Supergroup, The Highwaymen Sings ‘Highwayman’

Country music won’t be the same without the supergroup that made the greatest hits of all time. When the Highwaymen decided to make music together in 1985, they made history. Their combined talents pulled fans across the globe, making their songs some of the most enduring classic hits.

The Highwaymen had an interesting start. Their official name wasn’t coined yet even after the release of their first two albums. However, Jimmy Webb’s hit from 1977 gave them a hint. 

Later on, the four indisputable talents found their name that would later create a timeless mark in the country music industry. Their first album was the Number 1 platinum-selling album. Meanwhile, their song called “Highwayman” remained on the top spot on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart for around five months.

Given their skills in music, fans always loved whenever they got together. Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, and Kris Kristofferson make it easy for fans to go wild. That’s what happened when they appeared at the 1993 Farm Aid concert. For their fans and country music lovers, this performance is worth a thousand replays.

Before they bewildered the spectators with their performance, Johnny Cash went upstage to say a few things to his friends and fellow group members

He thanked the rest of them and remembered their fantastic time together. Cash reminded fans about how they conquered the world together, playing wonderful country music. After he called the rest of the members, the Highwaymen started rocking the stage.

During the performance, they proved how they made more than music, but also a lasting friendship.

As the Highwaymen sang “Highwayman,” their unique vocals and amazing talent made all the fans love country music all the more.

See their performance for yourself. Watch The Highwaymen sing “Highwayman” below:


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