November 30, 2020

Country Music World Welcomes Catie Offerman!

All throughout the years, Country music has seen a spike in the number of female artists bringing with them the dreams of becoming the next Miranda Lambert or Dolly Parton. We also have seen younger artists who have started early and are now making the whole world notice.

Meet Catie Offerman

Take no exception for the Texas-born, Catie Offerman. Since 11, Catie has been pursuing her journey to music stardom. Now, she is finally seeing her dreams come true little by little.

Catie is not just a skilled singer/songwriter, she also has mastered the skill of playing the fiddle. Growing up on a horse farm in New Braunfels, Texas, Catie gained her experience in performing around the state in a Polka band before embracing the country genre.

Soon after finishing her studies at Berklee College of Music and a short stay in LA, Catie moved to Nashville. There she began working with other musicians and songwriters.

In her first two years, Catie Offerman focused on getting better in honing her musical craft. After signing a publishing deal with Universal Music Group Publishing, she met more people who helped her become the person she is today. This placed her under the same roof as country stars Carrie Underwood, George Strait, and Kacey Musgraves.

From Texas to L.A then Nashville

Journeying young, it really helped to have a supporting cast. For Catie, she is fortunate enough to have her own parents supporting her dreams. But sometimes, they don’t realize what signing a record deal is and sees it like another writing class.

Since the day she had her short stint of living in L.A, she knew that things won’t work out for her there so she decided to move to Nashville. Well, this decision turned out to be the best for her young career as she’s now learning how to write from the best of the best, thus, increasing her quality of work.

Despite not releasing a debut project yet, we know for sure that Catie Offerman is one of the new stars to rise in the next few years. With a great supporting cast, a great tradition, and a great skill set, Catie may not be that far to her big break and when that comes, boy, you better watch out.

Stay tuned for more from Catie Offerman and other rising stars around the country music industry.


Catie Offerman

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