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Mickey Guyton and Husband Grant Savoy: The Perfect Match

It took seven years before Mickey Guyton and husband Grant Savoy finally walked down the altar and said, “I do.” Nevertheless, everything happened at the best timing, and the couple couldn’t be any happier. And just this year, their family of two blossomed into three, and we can all agree that the newest addition is definitely just the cutest!

So, let’s take a look back at their adorable and sweet decade-long love story and get to know more about the man who won the heart of the country singer.

First Chapter: The Matchmaking 

Mickey Guyton and Grant Savoy reportedly first met through her best friend, who also happened to be Savoy’s stepsister, in 2010. And it seems like fate has really worked to thread together these two human beings. 

According to Mickey, she was broken when Grant first walked into her life, and she put him through hell because she was so hurt. But instead of walking out, he persisted and loved her through all her flaws and transgressions and showed her that she was worth it. 

The couple dated for three years and then engaged for four before they finally decided to open up a new chapter of their life together. 

Second Chapter: The Intimate Fairytale Marriage

In an interview with People, Mickey confessed that she was not really a fan of big weddings, so when her family decided to vacation in Kauai, she immediately thought of turning it into a wedding. 

So, on June 26, 2017, the “Black Like Me” singer married Grant Savoy in an intimate tropical-inspired ceremony at Kauai Marriott Resort in Kauai, Hawaii, in front of 23 guests. Later at the reception, they celebrated with a traditional luau which was important for Grant to have since his family was from Kauai. The entire day was just filled with beautiful and intimate moments of laughs and tears, which were perfectly captured in their wedding photos. 

Who is Mickey Guyton’s husband, Grant Savoy?

Mickey Guyton’s spouse Grant Savoy was born in 1983 in Kauai, Hawaii but raised in Los Angeles, California. He attended California State University, Northridge. Then he pursued Criminal Law at the Southwestern University of Law. 

He is one of the founding members of Solouki; an LA-based law firm focused on employment violations in both private and government sectors. Before that, he also worked at the Office of the Ventura County Public Defender, the Los Angeles County District’s Office, and one criminal defense law firm. 

And of course, he is his wife’s biggest supporter and defender. He loves to share Mickey Guyton songs and performances, letting the world know just how great she is. And he never lets any harassment against his wife slide!

Third Chapter: Welcoming the newest addition!

Mickey Guyton and husband Grant Savoy welcomed the newest addition to their family last February 2021. According to Mickey, their baby boy, who was named Grayson, was the hardest and most beautiful thing she has ever done. 


Grant Savoy, Mickey Guyton

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