August 26

Mickey Guyton and Grant Savoy Are Expecting their Little Bundle of Joy!

Mickey Guyton and husband Grant Savoy are finally welcoming another family member after three years of blissful marriage. The singer-songwriter feels sad for being forced to stay at home and away from her fans, but the sudden surprise is an answered prayer when she asked God to spare a little love for this world in need. God must have delighted to literally grant her request because now, she and Savoy are expecting their baby on the way.

A Bigger Blessing On Its Way

The surprise announcement by Guyton came around after she announced the release of EP titled ‘Bridges’. This is her outgoing project for two years and among the many singles in her extended play record. She helped write six of the songs including her brand-new radio single ‘Heaven Down Here’ that already manifested as her little blessing.

How she co-wrote the song has its own story, too. Its message is about asking God for love amidst the pandemic and she felt renewed when she finished writing the song. She said that it meant to be therapeutic, to heal her heart and those who will listen to it as the lockdown has somewhat taken a toll on everyone’s mental health due to prolonged solitude and isolation.

God’s Timing is Always Perfect

In her Instagram post, Mickey Guyton posted photos of the recent ultrasound she had showing the unborn picture of her adorable baby. Although Guyton feels extremely exhilarated that she’s about to become a mother, she also feared and felt terrified for the new chapter her life with the baby she’s about to deliver. She shared that she really has no idea on what she’ll be doing as a new mom. Guyton, however, immediately shook all her doubts because despite the hard road of pregnancy, she’s grateful that God chose her to become the mother of her baby.

The gist is, you’ll never know when God will take all your hard work and pain in exchange for marvelous yet unthinkable blessings. Sometimes, you just have to keep asking, to never stop praying, and to not be afraid to gut-honest with him . Maybe your blessing is just one corner away, but let us follow Mikey Guyton’s example. Indeed, lockdown is hard and it can get quite depressing, but like Mickey Guyton, we just have to keep holding on like the message of her newly released single ‘Heaven Down Here’.


Grant Savoy, Mickey Guyton

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