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Connie Smith Inked Her Name In Country With Her Debut Single “Once a Day”

In August 1964, Connie Smith made her debut with “Once a Day.” While some take a while to get their career going, she did so with her very first release. The song was a massive success, reaching the top of the country charts and dominating it for eight consecutive weeks. 

She held the record for a female solo artist for nearly five decades until it was dethroned by Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” in 2012. It also earned her a string of nominations from prestigious award-giving bodies in music. 

The track has become synonymous with her name, earning the title of her most iconic single of all time. Then, in 2020, it was selected by the Library of Congress for preservation in the National Recording Registry, deeming it “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant.”

Meaning Behind The Song

The song was written by the prolific singer-songwriter Bill Anderson. It’s about a woman who grieves her previous relationship – and her ex, who has already found someone new. She tries to fight the melancholy of a lost battle and keeps her mourning “Once a Day.” Unfortunately, she couldn’t, and she finds herself filled with sorrow all day, from dusk until dawn.

The inspiration behind “Once a Day” came from Bill Anderson’s romantic experience. Anderson connected with a woman whose romantic affection for him far surpassed what he experienced towards her. 

The relationship eventually faltered without a proper form of reciprocation coming from Anderson’s side. Even after the end, the woman did not bear any ill will towards Anderson; instead, she still called him once a day.

Connie Smith’s crystal clear vocals reflect the poignance of the song’s lyrics toward her audience. She has effortlessly hit the emotions of a woman who only had genuine feelings of affection that even in the end, she would still care for the person who only returned a fraction of what they’d give away. Her heartfelt, honest delivery strikes a chord with anyone who hears it, giving it an unmatched emotional impact. 

While Connie Smith’s songs after her debut single were remarkable, “Once a Day” remained on top – even in modern times. 

Feel the hurt and pain with Connie Smith’s “Once a Day” in the video below.


Connie Smith

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