May 31

Five-Year-Old Girl Loves Dolly Parton So Much That She Can Sing “Jolene” From The Heart

Violet Burdick, who just turned five, appeared in one episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2020 – and she definitely took everyone’s breath away. Together with her father, Ryan Burdick – who played the guitar for her – Violet gave a delightful rendition of Dolly Parton’s most recognizable hit, “Jolene.”

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The audience immediately fell head over heels with the little girl and her enthusiasm. 

Violet Talked About How Much She Adores Dolly Parton

But things did not end with Violet Burdick‘s performance! She also talked about her love for Dolly Parton when Ellen asked her what made her become one of the country legend’s biggest fans. Violet did not hesitate to answer that she adores Parton’s beautiful voice and kind heart for giving books to kids in need. 

As a matter of fact, Violet was introduced to Parton through the country singer’s Imagination Library – a flagship program of the Dollywood Foundation that mails free books to participating children until they turn five. Violet was luckily one of those kids, and she looked forward to her monthly book from her country idol.

And there’s a lot more she knows! When her father’s band, the Ruddy Well Band, performed during a small outdoor show a few years ago, Violet took center stage and joined them to sing Parton’s “Coat of Many Colors.” Her performance amused many internet users that it has since gone viral.

Violet, who was only four then, also explained the story behind the song. 

“A lady from church dropped off a bag of rags, and her mom sewed them together as a coat,” Violet said. 

Is there anyone more adorable than Violet? Make sure to witness her precious performance by playing the video below.


Violet Burdick

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