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Dan+Shay’s “WHEN I PRAY FOR YOU” : A Dad Prays for His Child

Dan+Shay's "WHEN I PRAY FOR YOU" : A Dad Prays for His Child 1
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Becoming a parent is an incredibly special part of the human experience

Shay Mooney from the American country music duo, Dan+Shay definitely understand the different feeling that comes from being a parent. The brand new dad opened up his heart and soul and poured it out into this song called “When I Pray For You.”  It is a song told from the perspective of a soon to be father. It describes the unwavering love a parent feels for their child. If you watched the movie,  The Shack, you surely are familiar with this song.

Shay Mooney, the brand new Dad

Shay Mooney and his wife Hannah Billingsley recently received one of the greatest gifts in their life as a couple. On January 24, 2017, they welcomed their baby boy Asher James to this world. Interestingly, the song “When I Pray For You” came into creation from anticipation of their son’s arrival.

“It’s hard to describe the love you feel for the first time when you hold your child,” Mooney wrote on Instagram after the birth of Asher. “I will never be the same. Asher James, I promise to be the father you deserve. And Hannah, I promise to be the husband you want and need. I love you both so much. You’ve given me everything I never knew I needed.”

Additionally, Dan Smyers noted that “When I Pray for You” is one of the most special songs they’ve ever written.

“We sat down with our friends Jon Nite and Justin Ebach and got to talking about Shay’s son-to-be. With some good stories (and even a few manly tears), the song wrote itself. It was an emotional day, one of those days that make us remember how blessed we are to be a part of the Nashville songwriting community.”

Upon its release, the song became the highest-selling track in the Christian music genre for the week and debuted at number 3 on the Billboard Christian Songs chart in the group’s first appearance.

Dan+Shay's "WHEN I PRAY FOR YOU" : A Dad Prays for His Child 2
Shay Mooney new baby photoshoot Credit: Lacey West Photography

I pray you love like your momma
And you forgive just like she does
‘Cause when this life knocks you down
I hope you get down on your knees
‘Cause that’s what I do, that’s what I do
When I pray for you
Oh, when I pray for you

We’ve got more inspiring articles with featured videos at Gospel Daily. God bless you fella.


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