May 2

Dan + Shay Gets Nominated, Ariana Grande Wins Billboard Achievement Award

Dan + Shay, the top country duo of today, was nominated for the Billboard Achievement Award alongside other big pop artists. They are the only country artist that was nominated in the category. Other nominees are Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper, and Dua Lipa.

Dan + Shay’s Achievement at The Billboard

This country duo proves to be the best country group in today’s age. They got the most nominations (7) out of all the country artists that were nominated in the Billboard Awards.

dan + shay, ariana grande
via Dan + Shay’s Official Facebook Page

Let us look at the skyrocketing success that this duo had this past few years.

The Success of their Song “Tequila”

The song stayed at No.2 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs for 19 weeks. After that, it dethroned the No. 1 song which is also their own. Talk about owning two of the top songs for how many weeks is unheard of. This duo sure knows how to captivate their fans with the music they make. Not only are they making their songs a commercial hit, but they also won their first Grammy for Best Duo/ Group Performance.

With their first Grammy Award and their recent ACM Awards, Dan + Shay put their own mark in the country music scene. We could only hope for more music from these two.

dan + shay, ariana grande
via Dan + Shay’s official Facebook page

Dan + Shay’s Loss to Ariana Grande

Although this group proved to be one of the top country artists right now, they failed to win the category.

Battling with giant pop stars like Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga proved to be a difficult task for these two. With the votation system of the Billboard Awards, Ariana Grande won the category. With Ariana having the most fans out of the artists that were nominated, she had a locked-in win. But, fear not because Dan + Shay still bagged the win for Top Country Duo/Group beating Florida Georgia Line and Old Dominion.

Listen to one of their songs here:


Ariana Grande, Dan + Shay

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