July 18

Ernest Tubb’s Chart-topping Classic Hit “Walkin’ the Floor Over You”

Ernest Tubb was country music’s biggest star back in 1941. His song “Walkin’ the Floor Over You” was his first country hit and rightfully so. It was said that he wrote the song right after he had a misunderstanding with his wife about their finances.

Thus, you can hear the sound of a plea from the singer’s voice, and the craftily made lyrics were a great addition to the song.

Ernest Tubb as a Groundbreaking Artist

Ernest Tubb was said to be the first country artist to incorporate electric guitar to his songs. This really made him a trailblazer in the industry as it became a trend for the following country artists. Back then, the country charts were not yet established but this was not a problem for the singer. The track peaked at number 23 in the national pop charts even if it was country music.

“Walkin’ the Floor Over You” was performed a lot by other country artists such as Hank Williams and Roy Clark. The track made it into two movies, one from Hank’s biopic and another one in Rob Zombie’s 2016 horror flick, 31. This was also Tubb’s favorite song of his as he performed it one last time at the Grand Ole Opry.

Story Behind The Song “Walkin’ the Floor Over You”

The story behind the track was about a man who is restless and finds himself pacing around his house. Thus, the man is walking back and forth waiting for his lover to come back. This is of course, without really knowing if she will come back.

This song is your typical ‘I-will-do-anything-for-love’ situation. A hopeless romantic puts his faith in love and life, hoping for the day that he will have his lover in his arms again.

Listen to Ernest Tubb’s “Walkin’ The Floor Over You” in the video below.


Ernest Tubb

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